Good morning, Indonesian Trybers. For those who are still confused about changing Profile at Trybe and don’t know how to edit the Profile. This time I will make a tutorial to edit the profile at Trybe.

Previously for those who have not registered Trybe and Bigung how to register, please see the tutorial register here. For those who have not yet made a post, I have also made a guide here.

For those who have not followed, you can follow, free of charge is not requested. Hehehe. Okay, just go straight to the point that we want to discuss this morning.

to edit the profile please go to the Profile avatar in the top right corner. Then click on the avatar, select profile and click edit. If confused see the picture above.

Please edit your profile section in the ‘Base’ Editing Profile Group section. There you can change your name and others according to you. You can also add your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and others. The way is copy paste your social media Profile link in the place provided for the social media. Don’t forget to click save, after editing. If you don’t understand, you can see the picture below.

To replace your Trybe profile photo, please click “Change Profile Photo.” Next to “Edit”, then in the upload section, you can directly drop a photo into the column or click “Select Your File”. Next, select the file on your PC, click open. Please cut your photos to match the way you click “crop” if it is appropriate. More or less like the picture below.

As for add friend and accept the friend request. The way please go to your friend’s profile, then click Add Friendship. At notice (bell icon) see the notification of who is asking for a friend, who comments and others. Please click then go to our profile, to accept your friendship just click Accept. To reject friendship, click Reject. To cancel friendship, click Cancel Friendship.

This is the tutorial this morning, see you in the next tutorial. For those of you who don’t understand the tutorial above because of language. You can also read this tutorial in Indonesian here.



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