Steem blockchain is one of the biggest content monetization websites in the crypto space. However, Steem’s biggest blockchain interface, doesn’t support uploading video content. But there are some relatively easy ways to monetize videos on Steem. One way to do that is posting videos on YouTube and then embeding the video content on a steemit posts. Here’s how it works:

Upload a video on YouTube. Copy the link of the video web address. Now visit and click on the create new post icon. Make a post and add the video description. On top of the post, paste the video web address / url. Steemit will automatically embed the video just like how Trybe embeds YouTube videos. This way, anyone can monetize videos on Steemit.

A second way to monetize videos on Steem is by posting videos on DTube. DTube is an application built on top of Steem. Users can post videos on the main website of DTube to monetize videos.

Since it acts as a web interface to Steem blockchain, the videos links will get posted in the blockchain (the videos themselves are hosted in DTube’s own servers). To post videos on DTube, visit (this is the official website of DTube) and login to the site using steemconnect (steemconnect is like scatter and it is used to login to Steem based apps).

Click on the upload video button on top (I highlighted that in a screenshot below with a red box). Fill the forms properly and upload your video. Then if you visit your own blog at you will see a post about that video posted on your blog. When people vote on that post, it generates rewards and the reward amount depends on the Voting Power of the voters.

Another way to monetize videos on Steem is by using Steemir App. This app will post youtube videos on blog so that they can be monetized. Here’s an official tutorial video about how to do this:

Thanks for reading and if you know of any other methods of monetizing video content on Steem, let us know in the comments so that people who visit this post can also learn about them.

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