I do have quite a lot of experience working with models with people and I did a little bit of modeling so I do have quite an understanding of both sides of the camera which really helps when you are posting a model

so I’m gonna share some of my favorite tricks and tips that I do when I work with a model.

#1 – Communication

Communication is extremely important during the photo shoot you, you want to make sure that you’re always communicating with your model and talking and letting the model know if they are doing a good job or they’re not so they should change the pose. It is really really awkward when the photographer is silent the whole time. And the model will simply just not know what to do next. So I encourage you to talk to the model a lot but try not to cross that boundary not over compliment to the model because it makes it awkward as well. Also at the beginning of the photo shoot I always like tuned for my model about what kind of mood we’re going for today for the photo shoot. Modeling is like a lot like acting so usually, I would tell them that today we’re going for a more feminine or whimsical or dreamy you know more sexy look or can be a fashion editorial the more casual relaxed look so that model can just get into the role and it’s going to be a lot easier for you to kind of get your point across to the model. So now to talk to your model and you ready to shoot, she’s sticking a pose, you gonna take a picture and then make sure that you check how it looks. A lot of photographers do this in the state of shooting a bunch of pictures like 20 of them and not even once checking how it actually looks in your camera. A lot of the times it will look amazing in real life but then it doesn’t look very good on camera the angle might be off the are you missing like a little piece of her from the camera or just don’t like the crop.

#2 – Check all the details in the camera.

You might think that Oh everything looks amazing and you come home you look for the pictures and you notice this one tight little detail that you don’t like the hair or maybe the hand or something else that was off in the picture you might have corrected it but you know you didn’t really notice it because you were not looking back on your picture and now you just stuck with it, so yeah take I would say five pictures and then reflect back on it look at the pictures in your camera make sure that everything is right in the picture and then continue to a different pose.

#3 – Don’t be afraid to show the pictures

Show your models the pictures from your camera. I know a lot of photographers don’t really do that either they’re not confident enough that they like their pictures or maybe they do edit a lot so the picture will look totally different than in camera and they don’t really want to show this to the model but trust me it makes a the huge difference the model will see exactly what you see so she will be able to adjust the poses a lot easier so you won’t have to like tell her exactly what to do she going to be moving by herself and it’s gonna be a lot more natural.

#4 – Posting a model

A few keywords that you need to and few keywords that you need to use this a lot in your photo shoot or at least I do, a lot of models tend to think that if they’re putting their jaws up like this that’s more like editorial type of look, but they might overdo it so you want to tell them


down. Sometimes you know you don’t want that double chin going on so you will just tell them chin up a little bit and again you just take a picture look at it and make sure you figure out if you want it a little bit more up or down. Another one that I use myself a lot is relax your face a lot of models again, tends up their faces are like to kind of pop your lips a little bit just so it looks more like sexy but you know they don’t really understand that it might look a little bit unnatural and not very attractive so without being offensive and telling them stop making the duck lips you can just tell them take a deep breath and relax your face and smiles with your ass. Another thing that I used

to do when I just started doing pictures and working with models I would download all the amazing pictures that I’ve seen on the internet and if I saw a nice pose that I liked it only saved it on my tablet or in my phone and I would prefer um and I would prepare a little slideshow or collage of those pictures for a model that I would show her before the photo shoot so yeah if it is hard for you to explain what kind of post you want the model to do because it does get a little bit confusing sometimes. It’s nice to have a picture like a reference picture that you can show your model and so she will know exactly what do you want and you’ll try her best to mimic that pose that you showed her and the last tip.

#5 – Just communicate with the model

Posing her it’s probably the eyes and again I do this a lot just to get a different shot every time and with every post so let’s say we got the pose just standing there right and then I’m gonna tell her look at me now look to the side look to the other side maybe tilt your head a little bit to not just on you good no chin down and then look down with your eyes and then back at me and then you see with just that one pose you got so many different looks and you can always do that to get a different look with each pose so the last tip is just to have fun be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with light with different poses with different moods photographers arts so it’s all about just exploring it and not even following the rules you know so yeah you don’t even have to follow all these rules that I told you they’re more like pointers and yeah the last rule which is the most important one is just to be creative.

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