Navigating and posting on TRYBE,
if you are new and want to Scribe,

Rule 1 – just remember it must your own stuff,
these are serious rules, so please don’t bluff,

It’s so simple and very easy my friend,
follow these instructions and trend,

Click on create a new post, here,
fill in the title of your choice, don’t fear,


I suggest you write and save in a document,
might not be backed up, at your detriment,

Copy and paste into TRYBE content page,
this is easy and only the first stage,

Click on the content + on left, and paste,
I know seems daunting, but simple and no waste,


Highlight your content text, and choose font,
even centralize, or left/right justify if you want,


Rule 2 – click the more Details button, add a pic,
this adds value to your post, a simple little trick,

Rule 3 – choose maximum 4 categories, you must,
follow these rules, and yourself please trust,

If you want your post found easily, add a tag,
this is metadata for your article like a flag,

Cool feature of TRYBE is the option of a series creation,
tick series box as below, add a name, for story continuation,


Rule 4 – if personal no tokens as not crypto related,
if tokens wanted, your time might be wasted,

Rule 5minimum words if not a poem, expected,
300 +
otherwise will be sent back or just rejected,

Save your post, and simply preview to ensure,
otherwise when submitted for review could be poor,

Moderators will send back if rules you do not follow,
you will freak out, and struggle to re-submit, sorrow,

Enjoy the ride and members will read and comment,
from rating, if quality, to ensure TRYBE and meant,

Enjoy contributing to TRYBE, its about the quality,
TRYBE is a great platform, invite others in mass quantity,

Read other members content it’s now your turn,
be truthful, and fair, and earn while you learn,

Get airdrops and also enter many competitions,
this is all for free, the platforms many additions,

Enjoy the TRYBE platform, its our community,
meet and
follow members, our people with impunity.

Check my other posts here –

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thank you, for your input and for taking the time to comment, I will consider making minor changes to the post to accommodate your suggestions, such as the series. I did show the tags by the way as in tag1, tag2, etc in the one screen dump but did not add it to the poem itself. Thanks again for your valuable input. I actually write poetry most of the time, but now only about crypto, if you read my other posts in my blog you will see that some are not monetized due to the crypto issue. I agree that all posts should be monetized and shouldn’t be discriminated against, thats IMO. But rules are rules as set by TRYBE management.
      Mark (Zeus69)

  1. MineYourMind

    Thanks for taking your time to enlighten the community and I’m glad Trybe uses the WYSIWYG formatting, so even the novice can post.

    Since I’ve already used this editor elsewhere, I had no problems and skip the “save” step you highlight. Even though the description of this feature makes it more confusing than it needs to be, it was a great way to add the feature into the tutorial, because some people use or want to use this function to write drafts.

    I did not know about the 300 word minimum, thank you for mentioning this.

    What may turn people off is saying that Crypto Topics are preferred, because there are many other great topics, like “Science” that are also monetized. Trybe makes the mistake of stating that Crypto Topics are preferred and this might cause people that bring other great content to not sign up.

    Just a quick note: You forgot to mention Hashtags and that you need to upload the featured image at the bottom and in a separate action from the blog body. This confused me at first.

    I myself am going to blog on this topic as well and hopefully you inspired other’s to so as well in multiple languages(crypto has no boundaries) and together we can decrease the learning curve for the platform and retain the Novice Content Creator’s who decide to give Trybe a try.

    I’ve chosen Trybe as my main platform and I hope that interaction increases exponentially. I tend to be idealistic, so Steemit and were platforms I chose to leave, rather than use in conjunction with Trybe.

    Keep up the good work, my friend.

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      I have made changes in accordance with your suggestions, thanks I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, so that anyone that understands a bit of English can understand it too.
      Thank you for your time.
      Mark (Zeus69)

  2. AD

    I’m struggling to find a rhyme,
    ‘Cause I’m a poet who’s not in his prime!
    Brilliant, mate. I might have to borrow this strategy of yours.
    I really like it.