The airdrop scene has changed a lot in the last few months since EOS was first launched. Originally everyone who was building a dApp on EOS was going to do an airdrop as it seemed like an inexpensive way to distribute your tokens to EOS holders. The theory was that by delivering your tokens to EOS holders and allowing the market to set a price for them – you could raise funds for your project by holding on to a certain number of tokens yourself.

However, ever since RAM prices went through the roof, and airdrops went from costing around $5,000 to costing over $200,000 (although now they’ve leveled off at around $40-$50K) many dApp developers have decided to use different methods for token distribution (Trybe included).

Because we want to reward contributions to Trybe, and not just people who were lucky enough to hold EOS during the genesis snapshot, we will be airdropping TRYBE tokens 1:1 based on your Trybe account balance on the 11th of September 2018.

This means that if you have 1000 tokens on Trybe on the 11th of September, you’ll receive 1000 tokens in your EOS account.

But – even better than that – you’ll still get to keep your tokens on Trybe!

In the future you will be able to move them to your EOS account if you choose, but this feature won’t be ready by the end of the year. And also there are benefits to keeping your tokens on Trybe – such as increasing your rating power (more tokens = higher rating power).

If you’d like to get an extra bonus of 250 Trybe tokens – you can also “airgrab” TRYBE tokens with your EOS account before the 11th of September. An “airgrab” means registering your EOS account to receive a token. When you do this, you use your own RAM (a tiny amount – I think it’s 128 bytes) to create a new row in your EOS account for the token to be registered in.

Airgrab your TRYBE tokens here right now:

NOTE: If you are a member of Trybe then you will receive a bonus 250 TRYBE tokens for airgrabbing. If you’re not a member of Trybe, you will only receive 50 Trybe tokens for airgrabbing… So, if you’re not already a member, then sign up now!!

After you’ve done that, follow the instructions in the video below to enter your EOS account name into Trybe before the 11th of September to receive all your tokens!

PLEASE NOTE: If you input your EOS account name and click SAVE but your account name still doesn’t show up – then you are not going crazy. Don’t panic! Your account name IS SAVED but because of the caching on our site it might not show up immediately. It will look like it hasn’t saved but it has. You can verify this by checking back 24 hours later and you will find that it shows up OK. If not, contact us on Telegram for help.



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      1. Christopher

        I just airgrabbed the Trybe tokens and have not seen anything in my account yet. Just curious, are the 50/250 trybe tokens for airgrabbing going to be airdropped along with the other trybe airdropped tokens on Sept. 11th or should you receive those immediately after airgrabbing?

  1. BP: swedencornet

    Hello Tom Norwood (Trybe),

    You need to do better than detecting IP addresses for duplicate accounts? Maybe if you want, you can verify Identity Check before letting people to open accounts. But using IP address for multiple accounts does not make any sense as many people like me are living in a big family.

    We are 7 (wife and 5 kids) + fatihafamiljedaghem business + EOS Sweden behind **1** Public IP Address. There is no sense blocking requests from 1 public IP…

    Best Regards.

    1. Cryptodad

      I like to use Scatter with Chrome extension. It works similar to MetaMask for Etherium. You can interact with website made by GenerEOS to purchase RAM, Vote, to get Airgrabs, view your token balances and more. If you’d rather have a desktop wallet I hear the Greymass wallet or SimplEOS wallets are good. I’ve never tried them. Since I don’t technically have my own computer the Scatter setup works well for me as I can sign into Chrome with 2FA on my work laptop or my wife’s laptop. I highly recommend getting a wallet though, and soon! EOS will be the first trillion dollar market cap in crypto imo. The Dapps and tokens will be the some of the best ever created to date on blockchain. Best of luck to you!

  2. Bit Hunter

    Hi Tom,
    Great article.Thank you.
    Question: How do I change my Profile EOS account name visibility option. When I initially set up my Tribe profile, I had set it
    (EOS account name visibility) to “Only Me”. I am worried that tribe may not be able to see this and I will miss out on getting my Tribe allocated tokes in my EOS acc come airdrop on Sept 11th.
    Or am I worrying over nothing? Thanks in Advance

  3. Indira

    I very much hope someone will assist me, please guide me into how I get an EOS account, I do not have one, and as Tom says I need an EOS account for the upcoming Trybe Airdrop. So I need to set one up before the deadline of 11 September, I am hoping there is someone out there who can direct and help me to the best and safest way of setting up an EOS account. Please advise.
    Thank you very much


  4. Red

    Yep! YEP! I’m having the same issue as others but not all which is actually getting an EOS wallet? I know, I know……….silly but I have a chromebook and it doesn’t seem to support the “normal” wallets? Any suggestions our there in NeverLand? I know there’s a solution, I’m just unaware of it. In the meantime I’m still on the hunt……………..

  5. Livin' for Eh Livin' Eh

    Hi Tom, I wasn’t sure where to post this however I received a comment on my most recent post saying that they are unable to vote on my post for some reason? Some sort of a glitch? Would you please be able to look into this as inability for viewers to vote tend to remove the incentives to write articles. Please let me know what is happening with this situation.
    Thanks so much for the efforts in making Trybe a great social platform, I really am enjoying it and look forward to seeing it evolve.

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

      Hey metalbrushes! Thanks for all your great content on Trybe 🙂 There has been a bit of abuse with people rating their friends’ articles over and over, so we’ve limited the number of times you can rate another person’s articles to once per 3 days. If they try back 3 days after they last rated another of your articles, they should be able to do it. We’re going to test out this system for a few weeks and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work then we’ll think of something else 🙂

  6. Coley

    Thanks for doing a killer job on Trybe and bringing such a great community together. I had no problem setting up my address only a few hours after this was posted, so it sounds like I was one of the lucky ones. Keep Trybe running, and we’ll keep posting.

    1. Christopher

      You must attach your Scatter identity to EOStoolkit. Additionally you will have to see 3 check marks on the left of the toolkit: Read, Write, and Account. You need to have all 3 check marks before trying to airgrab. I had this same problem even after I attached my Scatter ID. Try refreshing the browser or closing and restarting the browser and then logging into scatter/attaching identity, and then quickly airgrabbing the trybe tokens. There is something glitchy with this, but if you are quick and see the 3 check marks or your token balances above you will be good to airgrab.

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  8. webdeals

    nice one Tom I will try it later on! I can use my Ram it is not a problem at all 🙂 I have got a query for you…it is not related to this post so please accept my apologise but there was no way to send you a DM.

    Would you be able to add a new language such as Italian?

  9. BitcoinQuest

    Doing great, as an early member I can clearly see the improvements in the platform. I am convinced that it will grow. The combination of possibilities to get hold of more tokens is also very nice. Thx for rewarding the community.

  10. John

    Unless I am missing something, couldn’t you buy the ram, airdrop, then sell it back? Assuming the ram price doesn’t fluctuate much, there is no cost or possibly a small loss/gain. Airgrabs are a good route, but how we know about them all when thousands of dAPPs start coming online? I personally spend a good amount of time following EOS, but still miss so much. So I will always feel the straight air drop is better for the token holders.

  11. MonkeyCrushR

    The Airgrab brought me to TRYBE, Tom (which is the great advantage of EOS token distribution – top of mind awareness is key to ANY project), but in just a few days I have really enjoyed spending time writing a couple of articles, informing myself reading others content, receiving and now giving ratings, and meeting new friends. I am a big fan, love the direction this is taking, and would like nothing more than to see TRYBE become the NEXT BIG THING. Cheers!

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  14. Mike Janssens

    Great article.
    I do have a couple of problems, though.

    Whatever I try,my EOS account name on Trybe is set to ‘only me’ when it comes to visibility. I can’t seem to fnd a way to change this.

    About Scatter:
    After creating my first keypair (using the ETH private key), I accidentally removed the extension – and I can’t seem to find no backup.
    I reinstalled, but Scatter won’t accept the password I have noted.

    So I needed to reinstall again.
    Now it is creating a different key pair, and I’m not sure which consequences this can have. (Without key pair, I can’t set an identity either)

  15. Neil Creamer

    I don’t have Scatter installed yet and my EOS private key is on a USB key on the other side of the planet (I’m on holiday). Will I be able to do anything about airgrabbing retrospectively or am I screwed?

    (BTW I invested a shedload in EOS prior to Genesis and I’m really disappointed not to be credited for that).

  16. GobieDesertCanoePro

    Greetings Tom! I’m returning from a digital diet and just registered for Trybe today (18 September) but have been an EOS holder since December 2017. I noticed the airgrab took place September 11, meaning last week, and I’m wondering if that’s it or is there another way/chance to Airgrab some Trybe tokens for us latecomers?

    Thanks (and all the best to Trybe),


  17. Older Dude

    Hello once again. I have te EOS – Genesis Account guztemrthege, which is ans was registered before 09.11.18 in my account. But i didnt get any airdrop on 09.11.18 and also the 140 tokens in my Trybe-Account doesnt appear in my EOS-Account. Why not? Can you help me please? Thank, Boerni

  18. matt

    I’ll settle for Airgrabs.. But, it would make more sense if we received an amount based off the EOS we held at genesis… This project is starting to become something i didn’t sign up for and spend part of my life savings on… 🙁