For those who have received EDNA airdrop tokens in your EOS wallet or purchased it through an exchange, it is possible to stake your tokens to receive passive income. This is an excellent way to earn more tokens and build up your position while the EDNA project continues to progress.
In my opinion, EDNA is probably one of the most unique and top DAPP on the EOS platform as they are planning to solve issue with privacy and enhance human life.

What Is EDNA about?

According to EDNA’s project team, one of their main focus is to create a blockchain DAC that will insure genetic privacy and protect Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid ( DNA ) property rights. The ultimate end goal of EDNA project team is to help end human suffering by way of genetic disease, prolong human life, and the proper control of genetic information.

You can also visit the link below for frequently answered questions.

Now let’s move on how to stake EDNA tokens, please follow the steps below.

– have a working scatter account
– EDNA tokens in your EOS account

Step 1:

Go to the following URL and login with your scatter account. Once you have done this your EDNA balance should now

Step 2:

Click on Stake. On this screen you will need to specify how many EDNA tokens you want to stake and select staking period. Click on the checkbox to agree on the rules.

You have 3  staking periods available: Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly. Monthly is rewarded at 1.5 times the weekly rate, and quarterly at twice the weekly rate. 
There are no minimum stakes, and you can withdraw at any time.


 Step 3:

Once you have agreed on staking period, then it should when you are available to claim it, see example below.



Step 4:

To claim, you simply go to the same URL
Link your scatter account. Click on claim.
Follow Steps 1 through 3 to re-stake your EDNA tokens.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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  1. Nicholas

    There is so much exciting new projects each day! I never heard before the edna, thanks for this article!
    My only problem is the “claim” method, why cant i leave my stake, and the claim happen automaticly?