Hello,i want to show you easy tutorial how to stake your KARMA tokens,KARMA is airdrop based on genesis snapshot.Every EOS account claimed 7:1 to your EOS tokens.

For those who dont know about this project i definitely recomending check their website:


“KARMA is a social network designed to incentivize users to do good in the world and receive KARMA for helping out mankind. Join our growing community and help us change the world.”

Staking Details

This is their oficial calculation of staking rewards:

“The 30 Million KARMA tokens allocated to early supporters for staking will be broken up over 30 days. So, those who stake will be sharing 1 Million KARMA per day in total staking rewards This will until the 1st version of the KARMA App is released.

Once the application launches, the staking rewards for all users will adjust back to 15% of the daily KARMA created through annual inflation”

– Unlocked for transfer, 3 days after you “unstake” your KARMA.

– Claim staking rewards once each week.

Now how to Stake:

First you will need to have Scatter account created,if you dont know how just check this:


(Not my article,just posting as help)

If you are done with creating Scatter with your EOS account attached,visit: https://eostoolkit.io/karma

First you need to Attach you Scatter account to EOStoolkit and confirm identity:

Now you need to put your EOS account,where you have your KARMA tokens and amount of KARMA to power up:

Then click POWER UP.

You will need again signature that transaction on Scatter and thats all, after 7 days you can use claim button which will show there automatically.Then you can stake your more KARMA tokens for best reward.


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