There is never a second chance to remake first impression. The very first impression you make has a huge determining factor on how you newly found Date is going to play out.

95% of communication is non-verbal, so your body language and how you deliver your opening line are as important as the words you say throughout the entire conversation. One huge factor which 90% of ladies finds extremely thrilling about a guy is confidence alongside simplicity. Simplicity is a thin line between eloquence and plainness.


“A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely, it is an invitation to consider the matter”

-Lois McMaster Bujold.

Who said starting a conversation with a pretty lady who is a total stranger was ever easy? That is obviously a rhetorical question.

But today, I’m going to share with you some few tips which will get you heads over hill on your first conversation and get endorsed.

TIP #1: AVOID ANY DOWN TIME: what this means in a nutshell is that you should not think about weighing your options of getting endorsed before making a move. The moment you start thinking about your probability of success, your subconscious mind will start making up excuses not to approach her. Once this excuses set in, there is a high tendency that you might end up not walking up to her at all.

It conveys a lot of confidence when you walk straight up to a lady. And once she senses that confidence in you, it leads to sexual tension and boom! You are in control of the entire situation.

TIP #2. COME UP WITH A GOOD OPENING LINE: like I earlier stated, there is never a second chance to remake first impression. Coming up with a good opening line has the tendency of setting the entire conversation in the right direction. Try as much as you can to keep the opening line simple. For instance, you can just walk up to a girl and say “Hello there, I think you are extremely gorgeous so I wanted to say Hi to you. I’m Steve”. Try to go straight to the point and avoid beating around the bush. Also try to maintain eye contact and put up a big smile of summer rain.

TIP #3: AVOID REHEARSAL BEFORE HAND: this might sound completely out of the radar and contrary to what you already know about approaching a lady. But I’m here to destroy your ignorance. The moment you start rehearsing your choices of words in front of a lady, you must have already phantom what her responses will look like. The moment her responses exhibit any form of allotropy from what you’ve already rehearsed, it becomes difficult keeping the conversation as active as it ought to be. For instance you’ve already rehearsed that you will walk up to a lady and ask her to come grab a cup of coffee with you. You expected an affirmative answer from her. So on getting there she replied with “I’m sorry I have limited time I can’t share” this response will completely throw you off balance because a negative answer was not included in you scene. There is nothing wrong with coming up with a few opening lines for a brief introduction but not for the entire conversation.

Once again, thank you for reading! You can leave your own opinion in the comment section.

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