I felt the need of publishing this article because I often wonder why people claims to love themselves more than anyone else in the world but yet has less value on their own opinions compared to others opinion.

We often go through life wanting to do something totally discrepant, we all want to follow our passion but 99.9% of people simply can’t do this because they care too much about what people thinks about them. Most people can’t live their lives the way they want simply because they want to keep that images they think people have about them. The obsession on the opinion of others is an impenetrable wall stopping you from maximizing your potentials.


We as humans all have the tendency of giving priority to others opinion because it is built into our DNA. We are all victims of the evolutionary Dichoptic between our vast brain and our instinct. Our brain has goals, dreams and aspirations but those dreams are in most cases forced to remain dreams forever because we give too much priority to what family friends and people we don’t even know thinks about us. You need to acknowledge the fact that these people doesn’t walk with you in your whole life, they will not be with you when you reflect weather you lived a good life or not. The only opinion that should matter is the opinion that you hold of yourself and not the opinion of others.

These people who we are so concerned about their opinions has no idea who you are, what you are doing or why you are doing it.

One of the stepping stone to becoming true to yourself is to gather as much information about yourself, you should be aware of your actions, be aware of how you responds to other people, be aware of how you respond to criticisms and negativity, clearly indicate how much you truly value yourself.


1. Come up with a unique and specific understanding of what you specifically want out of your life. This takes time to perfect and you can’t copy anyone else because life is just like an exam were different people are given question papers containing different questions. Copying someone else’s work will be like giving the right answer to the wrong questions. You must judge every action or thought and see if they align with what you truly want out of your life

2. Tranquility comes when you stop caring about what others think about you: whatever you do or think as long as it align with your personal belief system, then you have a rock solid self-esteem.

 with this article, i’m not completely saying you should ignore others opinions, you should learn to pick a particular set of people you listen to in as much as their opinion align with yours. i hope you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to leave your own opinions about this topic in the comment section.

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  1. Zeus69

    Great article and opinions, I agree that people are too concerned about what other think about them. I personally have got over what people think about me, and I am true to myself and my family and friends, they have accepted me for who I am. Its a long process to achieve this. Thanks for sharing this insight Mary. I will forward this on.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Your right, one can’t attain peace (contentedness) unless the listen to their own drummer first. Following others (giving over your power to decide) is just self inflicted slavery.

    “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice” – RUSH [Neil pert]

    Its part of the trade off for being a “social animal”. All social animals must pay attention to the attitudes and opinions of those around them or they get shunned from the group, often to life threatening environments.

    Unfortunately, people tend to see in other’s the things that they are either jellous of or are personal traits they don’t like about themselves (these are usually unconscious) – the term is “PROJECTION”. This being the case, usually what people think about “you” is a much greater reflection on who they are as opposed to who you are.

    I think Maslow’s Hierarchy sums up the situation best:

  3. Infosion

    Yeah true, very good article!
    It’s really easier said than done to not give much to others opinion.
    I think you allways are concerned more about someones opinion if somebody is important to you (like your family, parents, grandparents or a good friend).
    Also think it’s very valuable to have a really own opinion on something nowadays and difficult also if you are honest, because there are so much influences from different sources.

  4. Cloud blade

    Because living in the group,
    You want to get approval from others, you much to agree with the values of others.
    Only when you stand at the highest point in the crowd, others will to agree with your values.
    When you are still young, Can only change your own thoughts, accept the ideas of others.
    Or you can jump out.