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In this post we are going to take a brief look at the basics of Trybe. I am not going to go into details of token economics, team, marketing and stuff like that. This is a post meant to make you excited about the platform as well as breaking down some of the features Trybe offers.

Why was Trybe born?

The idea behind Trybe was conceived in a time where cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology was in it’s infancy. A time where huge multi national social media companies like Facebook and Twitter and Google were starting to systematically manipulate information. A time where they started to interfere with elections and which information you were able to find. Terms such as “fake news” was invented. First by the mainstream media to deilligitimate alternative media, but after scandal after scandal the term was coined back at the mainstream, as their subscription numbers fell dramatically. The result so far, was however not consensus – rather even more disillusion and misinformation.

At the same time we saw a massive increase in the number of subscribers of alternative media. Not only did individual Youtubers achieve more subscribers than traditional media platforms such as CNN, but new social media platforms based on Blockchain technology emerged.

Steemit was one. Built on top of the Steem protocol (blockchain) by the mastermind Dan Larimer (The creator of Bitshares and EOS). Steemit was incredible. You made money by blogging and sharing your content. The problem was however that whales started manipulating the voting and reward reward system.

Thus, Trybe was born. A platform which incentivizes accurate and verified information while suppressing the opposite. A platform where experts in all areas can share their knowledge easily and get rewarded for doing so. A platform which brings people together to learn and teach one another.  – Tom Norwood, Founder –



Content creation, curation and rewards

The main interface is a blogging platform. Articles must be reviewed by a Primary Editor – an experienced member of the community. Secondary editors will then be able to review as well. Members of the community will then curate the content by rating and/or commenting.

Initially (where we are now) Trybe will focus on blockchain, crypto and other business/technology related topics. Over time, Trybe will expand to cover a wide variety of topics.

Trybe will incentivise everyone to create well written, unique content. This is not a platform where you write a blog post to ask a simple question or post your referral code. I will link to the Telegram chat and the Discord server below. That’s where you can ask question. Primary editors will ask you to generally write more than 300 words, unless you get your message across with fewer – which sometimes is the case (especially if you are a youtuber – a short introduction is OK), a featured image must be added, and if you cross platform your posts, Trybe prefers that you write it first on Trybe – and if you don’t, please try and add some additional/related info, mix the post up a little, add a different image or something along those lines – which is good for SEO.

Also remember to use no more than 4 categories.

All articles are being checked for plagiarism and you will get a “editors note” and your article reverted back to draft if the editors think there are some issues. To find your article that has been reverted back to “draft” go to your Blog then press DRAFTS




1-2 stars: Negative reward. This is ONLY used of spam, plagiarism, hate speech, threats, wilful misinformation that is not corrected in a comment when being pointed out, or other types of content for some reason slips through editorial. Now it is up to the community to take action. To be able to take away rewards from other users gives you freedom and RESPONSIBILITY. Think it through before you decide to do this.

3 stars: This is used if you strongly disagree or think the post is bad. Does not remove any reward, but 3 stars does not look good.

4 stars: Will reward the content creator with tokens. Four stars is given for decent/good quality content.

5 stars: Given to great/extraordinary content and represents the maximum amount of tokens you can give out.

Although you can rate one piece of content as many times you like (unlike Steemit) and the article does not go out of the voting-loop after 7 days – the rating of a single other individual’s content will however have less and less impact the more you rate it over the course of a week. This will stop users from unfairly attacking or rewarding other users.


Future developments

In another post I will go more into detail on tokens, rewards, staking, integrations, sub domains etc. This post was mainly to explain the current state. But here are some teasers:


Yes, we will be able to stake our tokens for a minimum time of 30 days (3 day unstaking)

Read more..

New Reward Token(KYN)

Once the 2B Trybe tokens has been distributed, or perhaps even before, a new token, KYN, will be created to reward participants. This token will have a high inflation rate and will be used to reward referrers as well as content creators.

Read more..

A combination of this token and the TRYBE token will be used on the platform for different services. For example, staking tokens for the creation of a sub-site on Trybe will need to be done with TRYBE tokens, whereas payment for ongoing services such as advertising will be done with the KYN token.
The TRYBE token will therefore represent a fixed ownership of part of the TRYBE infrastructure and network, in a similar way to how EOS works, whereas KYN will be the currency that is most commonly used on for everyday transactions.
Once the KYN token is created, holders of the TRYBE token will continue to be paid a staking reward, but instead of being paid in TRYBE they will be paid in KYN

Integrate with other dApps

As other dApps on both EOS and other blockchains become stronger and more prevalent, Trybe will integrate with the ones that seem like a good fit for the platform.

Read more..


Sub-domain Creation

Allows for the creation of sub domains and the ability to receive web hosting by staking TRYBE tokens.

Read more..



There will be a follow function of some sorts. My suggestion has been a follow button in the blog/article your are reading where you can insta-follow the person you just read an article from. – Not decided yet.


A feed where you can view ONLY the articles written by content creators you follow. Very much like on Steemit. – Not decided yet.


You will most likely be able to see other peoples rank (which is based on the number of tokens you hold on the platform)  – Not decided yet.

As more features are implemented I will continue to write updated articles on them and go into more detail. This was (hopefully) an easy to understand overview of the most important features right NOW.

Read the FULL Whitepaper HERE


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  1. sandwichbill

    Good stuff. I’m on Steemit and I’ve grown disenchanted with they way the whales are gaming the system to their own ends. I’m also glad that Trybe user’s ranks are hidden, because on Steemit nobody’s really interested in a post, if the user’s rating is below 60 and a lot of good quality content gets buried on the site, much of it better than the higher ranking users, who don’t have to try so hard to get votes, especially as they receive upvotes from users only interested in a curation award, so its proof-of-brain goal doesn’t quite pan-out. I say that as a user that’s almost 63 there, but I have to say the rewards are not fair and balanced. I still put the effort into creating a good quality post and Trybe seems to give all its users a fairer crack of the whip. Anyway, I got that off my chest, so I feel better now.

  2. Siddartha

    Really love the vision of Trybe. I think they are moving in the right direction. 2 things which I think might need to be worked upon:
    1) As more users will onboard Trybe, reviewing articles will become a lot of work.
    2) I am personally not very happy with 2 token concept in any project. I think it creates unnecessary confusion and decreases the value of tokens. But I am confident in Trybe team so maybe it will come as a good feature.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      I’m not a genius at token economics, but the way I see it is that with this solution you create an incentive to hold TRYBE tokens, thus increase its value because it’s FINITE (2B max) The other token(KYN) will be created and rewarded for staking and can have an ever increasing supply because it’s the “GAS” of the engine. Very much like holding EOS gives you airdrops, or holding NEO gives you GAS..etc.

      I’m also pretty confident that the Trybe will be able to sort out the reviewing as things become more streamlined.

      It is very early, Trybe has all ready a very enthusiastic following, and I think everyone feels a little bit like we are here in the very early days and seeing the big potential. Every day people are joining, visits are increasing, and today even Ivan On Tech wrote a FUD tweet about Trybe that was not true at all (regarding the airdrop) so Trybe is getting noticed by people, and yeah..we’ll just see where this takes us. I think they are going in the right direction as well! And I’m so glad to be part of not only the Birth of Trybe, but just the entire EOS space growing by the day. Feels like almost ALL the developing is being done on EOS (it’s actually bigger than ETH now in terms of transactions and dapp usage) while the other projects are mostly occupied with trying to FUD EOS…

  3. Workin2005

    Great post @eosmastering. TRYBE seems to be correcting the faults with Steemit. I like how they appear to be flexible and open to suggestions. It’s hard to find a balance between awarding those who invest in TRYBE, while preventing them from dominating the platform. Seems like they’ve found a good middle ground.

  4. SouthernCrossroads

    The article definitely describes a solution for the gripe I had in my last comment. I am enthralled in the possibilities of dApps and EOS, but complained that good information is difficult to come by. It’s even harder to get information from trusted sources. I Remember the times I spent researching for hours and reading white papers to invest in the ICO for EOS and figuring out whether I should trust my private keys to greymass. It was challenging because it was new, it was different, and there were just so many voice telling different things while the EOS site had nothing to offer. I understand the reasoning behind it now, but that doesn’t draw retail investors or dApp hobbyists to a community.

    This is where Trybe comes in. I think Trybe really has a future with peer reviewed posts that can provide credibility to the articles hosted by Trybe.

    Trybe will become a trusted source for the EOS community. Right now it is time consuming to sift through posts on steem and github to figure out how to take part in the EOS ICO or install and use greymass or set up scatter on three platforms without ending up with a bunch of dislocated account names and miss out on an air drop. Trybe can become a source of trusted information where developers and users can share information.

    Just the interaction between developers and community will provide confidence to small investors trying to understand the crypto market. This will strengthen the market while instructing better users. This is a great idea.

  5. CryptoBiker

    Thanks @eosmastering, enjoy your articles, was wondering what your thoughts are, for rewards for “readers” on this site, as a non- blogger I love reading and learning, and am always happy to score, comment, and send out links to good posts. Not everyone are good writers, but where would they be without readers? I don’t expect the same rewards as content providers, but would like some crumbs for doing my bit. ^_^

  6. Zeus69

    Great Article thank you for this, at least I am understanding a bit more about what TRYBE is trying to achieve.
    All the best to TRYBE and all the members, the future looks good and in good hands.
    Mark (Zeus69)