As our beloved BTC and alt-coins fly South for the Winter, many of us are contemplating just what to do with our crypto. This is not at all investment advice and I am not qualified to give such advice. However, I can share my personal experience and a bit of information about a company that I recently became very fond of, MENĒ, Inc. I’d like to share how crypto holders can turn their BTC, LTC, ETH, or BCH into 24k Investment-grade jewelry and even earn FREE gold and platinum with NO TRICKS OR GIMMICKS.

I am simply sharing my personal experience to educate others of this opportunity. Your own due diligence is absolutely necessary before investing and the information being shared in this article does not constitute as legal, professional, tax, or any sort of investment advice. 


Recently began trading on the TSX Stock Exchange on November 6, 2018 under the symbol “MENE”. The company was able to reach the 10,000 order milestone in just 11 months, with customers in over 50 countries. For a company just beginning their brand-building process, processing over 600 orders per week is nothing to ignore. The product line has been expanding and is expected to continue throughout 2019. MENĒ Inc. also recently secured $30M gross proceeds from Equity and Secured Gold Note Financing in a deal with Canaccord Genuity Corp.

MENĒ operates with 3 simple principles:

Menē crafts pure 24 karat gold and platinum jewelry sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology, timeless design, and radical transparency, we are restoring the link between jewelry and savings. To achieve this mission, Menē is guided by three principles.

The first is that our jewelry is crafted from pure 24 karat gold and platinum with no diamonds or gemstones. This means our jewelry is a timeless physical object that will never tarnish (unlike man-made chemical alloys of 18 karats or less). It also means that simply weighing Menē jewelry will always unveil its objective value.

Our second principle is that Menē jewelry is sold by the gold and platinum weight value, pursuant to the ancient formula we discovered in the east, plus a transparent design and manufacturing premium. This premium is roughly 20% of the precious metal’s daily value. The Result is that a $500 Menē ring will have at least $400 in gold or platinum value at the time of purchase while $100 is the revenue earned by Menē.

Our third and final principle is that Menē provides a lifetime guarantee to buy back or exchange any authentic Menē jewelry at the prevailing gold and platinum prices minus a 10% fee. source

Why am I excited to share this?

I’m talking about an opportunity to turn your crypto into pure, investment-grade jewelry and also earn credits that can fetch you FREE gold and platinum. Sounds too good to be true, but read on if you’d like to see my results for yourself. I signed up for just 1 month ago and I’ve seen the proof, held the results in my hands and can attest to this opportunity being far too good to pass up.

I recently completed my first order with MENĒ and I could not be happier with the experience. 

Not only did I find a great 24k gold charm for my wife, I bought it at $15 per gram! With the price of gold currently trading at $1,222.90, the price per gram of 24k gold is $39.32. You might be wondering how I paid $15 per gram and I’m glad you’re curious! It’s really simple. I signed up with MENĒ after a friend shared his personal experience with the company, so I signed up under his referral link to earn him $5 in credit (as well as myself).

Best Referral Program Ever!

What really fascinates me about this particular referral program, which in my opinion is the greatest I’ve ever taken part in, is that people can earn FREE gold and platinum without spending a cent! Seriously, this seemed too good to be true to me, too! Until… I saw the results for myself. I ordered a 24k 3.01 gram  gold charm and was able to apply several discount codes and credits that I earned to reduce the cost of the charm.

You can see that I applied 3 separate discount codes (above)

I happened to check my email and find that MENĒ had sent me a $50 gift voucher for signing up. What a warm welcome!

I swiftly applied the $50 credit to my cart, along with $10 I had earned from friends signing up, to see the price of my order. Since the item had been in my shopping cart, they had sent another discount voucher for $50!!

I realized there were not one, but TWO $50 gift cards in my email so I applied the two and it worked. Needless to say, I am a happy customer after that experience. I have never bought gold below spot price in my entire life until now.  Saving $110 was great, but my brother inlaw also was able to get a platinum charm with only credits and gift cards from the company! Talk about a pleasurable experience. My friend Jack Miller has earned himself 6 charms already simply from referring friends. To put that into perspective, 3 grams gold x 6 = 18 grams / approx. $707.42 worth of 24k gold. Not bad, huh?

One great feature on the site is this price transparency widget, which shows real-time info on each product right down to what the company makes on each. I really like the straight-forward and honest presentation and don’t recall ever seeing a jewelry store do this before.



Shop the MENĒ store and you will find in the shopping cart that users can pay using BTC, LTC, ETH, & BCH.

You can shop the MENE store /  and make your purchases using crypto! Customers can enjoy several payment methods, as well as crypto payment while shopping on MENE! If you have a Bitpay wallet or Coinbase account, then you can complete your orders with crypto rather than fiat. For those of you who might wish to spend crypto rather than cash or credit – this is a great way to use it! Nothing like getting some tangible assets in your hands, especially if you can manage to earn enough credits to get it for free.

Just be aware that payments via bank wire or cryptocurrency are only refundable via MENĒ credit. I figure that might be worth stating to new users.

If you would like to help me earn $5 in credit (+$5 for yourself) for sharing this opportunity, feel free to use my link: * new users are not required to use referral links to sign-up but it is greatly appreciated!


You can find much more information on MENĒ Inc. at:

If you have found this information helpful, please rate and recommend this article so that others might also take advantage of this opportunity. If you have not signed up for, what are you waiting for? SIGN UP NOW! If you have a personal experience with MENĒ or would like to share your thoughts, please feel free to comment below. I appreciate your time, so that’s all for now! Be sure to follow me here on TRYBE for more content and also on STEEMIT / @GROW-PRO.

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    1. Brandon Holsey Post author

      Awesome! Thanks, Infosion. Once you’ve signed up remember to check your email 2 weeks after and at the 1 month mark after sign up – they send $50 & $100 (amount is random) to new customers to use towards a purchase. I actually missed the first $50 voucher they sent because I forgot to check. I was lucky enough to get two more from them, likely out of sympathy..hahaha

      1. Infosion

        Okay, cool thanks for reminding me about that! Thats very valuable
        Hehe yeah from what I can see you drive some customers to them. I guess a good win-win for both of you 🙂
        Thanks for sharing all this, really interesting!

    1. Brandon Holsey Post author

      I have to say it is much different than buying any jewelry that I know of – a $400 purchase of jewelry is avg $100 value and $300 markup. MENĒ actually shows the current value in real time and also how much they make on each piece. After signing up and getting your mystery voucher ($50 or $100 per user) you’ll be FAR BELOW SPOT PRICE 😉 See for yourself

    1. Brandon Holsey Post author

      I like the fact they list their pricing transparently and you can see how much they markup products, unlike virtually every other jewelry store I’ve ever dealt with. Once you order a product, it tracks the value and ROI on the site for each piece you buy – pretty sweet feature!