On 30th June, MEET.ONE released the EOS wallet “MEET.ONE” which offers users both asset management and the latest EOS information. In the app, users can easily manage assets in the EOS ecosystem, transact RAM, nodes voting and understand the latest EOS information and usage of Dapps.

EOS represents the cutting-edge technology of blockchain, which subverts traditional business logic and combines several functionalities including assets, rights and investment into a single account. As MEET.ONE have an extremely optimistic outlook on EOS, we have been working towards building an ecological portal of EOS which promotes and enables functionalities within the EOS ecology since our first day of establishment. We are concerned about the stability and prosperity of EOS network, however, the need to use EOS to purchase a certain amount of network resources including RAM and CPU to register accounts and the unreasonable hike in RAM prices have to a certain extent became the first barrier preventing users from participating in the EOS ecosystem.

For this purpose, we have created an special account: 1freeaccount and within the “MEET.ONE” App, every single community user are able to create EOS accounts for free. In first phase, we have already transferred 8500 EOS earned from buying RAM (related story). In addition, as one of the EOS Genesis Block producer, MEET.ONE promise to transfer a portion of each phase’s earnings and release public announcements, to help users to create wallet accounts and truly contribute to the prosperity of EOS ecosystem.

The following is a detailed description MEET.ONE wallet’s features to help users have a better experience in exploring the EOS world.

How to Import EOS account

If you already own an EOS wallet, you can directly import your wallet.

Under the “Assets” tab, click on “Import EOS Wallet” → enter your private key and set a password → click on “Import Wallet” → click on the account to enter

Note: As an EOS private key can be linked to multiple accounts, hence after clicking on Import Wallet, system will not auto-redirect, users need to manually select the account to be imported.

2. How to create EOS account

Select “Add an EOS Wallet”, enter a 12 character long account name and set a password to create your EOS wallet.

After successfully creating the account, you will be able to see the EOS account under the “Assets” tab. As creating EOS wallets requires resources such as CPU and RAM, you will see in your account the 3.97kb RAM, 0.01 EOS worth of CPU and 0.01EOS worth of NET we have purchased for you.

Small Tips:

1. Account names in EOS system is unique and users can transact using the 12 character account name. The account name only supports numbers 1–5 and lowercase alphabets a-z.

2. Please ensure that you have copied down your EOS private key accurately. The MEET.ONE team seriously remind you to not perform any of the high-risk operations including taking screenshots containing private key information and transmitting through the internet. Our team will not have access to or collect your private key information. Hence, please ensure you have backed up your private key before uninstalling the app or logging out of your account.

Backup Procedure:

Click on “Me — Wallet — Export Private Key”

3. How to manage your EOS assets

a. How to transfer EOS token:

Receiving address is the 12 character EOS account name, please ensure the account name is correct before making a transaction.

b. How to buy/sell RAM:

RAM is a very important chain resource in the EOS.IO system, especially for Dapps development teams as it is an essential resource for database records storage and development.

Users should take note that roughly 0.1–0.2 EOS needs to be stake to exchange for resources such as CPU before carrying out RAM transactions and the 2.97Kb RAM used for registering accounts cannot be sold.

c. How to vote for BPs:

Stake your EOS to exchange for resources such as CPU and NET. For example, if I have 20 EOS which I would like to use to vote for the MEET.ONE team, I have to exchange all of the 20 EOS to either CPU or NET as long as the sum of exchanged CPU + NET is 20 under “Stake Resources”.

Vote for the team you trust and each staked EOS token can be used to vote for up to 30 different block producer candidates, with each token representing 1 vote per BP, or up to 30 different BP votes per token. If you would like un-staked your EOS, perform the necessary operations in the “unstake resources” page and un-stake has a waiting time of 3 days.

d. How to register for more EOS accounts:

As a public key can be linked to multiple EOS accounts, you can create multiple independent accounts if you are dissatisfied with the previous account name or if you wish to have multiple addresses for different functions. However, please ensure each account has at least the minimum amount of EOS required to ensure successful registration.

Common Problems

“This account already exist” error indicates that the account name is already in use, please choose another name

2. Transferring EOS token, transacting RAM, manual payment for account registration, all requires staking of CPU and NET, which does not mean the EOS is consumed and hence can be reused. Users only have to stake 0.1–0.2 EOS in exchange for CPU and if you did not stake, you will be shown the error message below.

By the same logic, you can un-stake all your CPU and NET, otherwise you would experience problems such as unable to transact, unable to buy/sell RAM, unable to register accounts. When un-staking CPU and NET, please ensure there is at least 0.1EOS worth of each.

3. Currently, the MEET.ONE wallet homepage does not support displaying other currencies, but click “+ → Transaction History” in the upper right corner to see the history of the airdrops received by the account. This will supported in the next version.

Within 2 days of MEET.ONE APP release, more than 4000 community members have successfully created their first EOS account. We would like to thank every user who are concerned about MEET.ONE product and have offered sincere feedback and suggestions and we will continue to optimize and improve to provide more friendly and comfortable user experience.

Finally, in order to show our gratitude to every user who cares about the development of MEET.ONE APP, the MEET.ONE Foundation will be releasing a public announcement regarding the upcoming second round of MEET.ONE airdrop benefits for our registered users. For more details, please be on the lookout for our official announcement.

APP DOWNLOAD LINK:https://meet.one/download/en

We hope to benefit community members and plan to offering 50 invitation code for each day. So how to get invitation code:

1、Retweet this article to your Twitter and take a screenshot

Article link: https://medium.com/@MEET.ONE/this-node-buy-ram-has-risen-8-times-and-now-fd4919e64769

2、Add officials telegram contact : https://telegram.me/evemeetone (Eve)

3、Send screenshot to (Eve) to get the invitation code

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  1. globalgreg

    The free account with MEET.ONE is only true if you get an invitation. There are three options: Import your EOS account; Get a ‘friend’ to create one for you; Ask ‘Eve’ for an invite only code.

    Prior to this (if you were in New Zealand or Australia at least anyway) the free account just simply didn’t work. I tried with family members for the past month with kept getting a ‘Fail to Create Account – Insufficient Resources’ message each time on their iPhones once you install the app and choose ‘Create Create’ with your own 12 character name. After this stage was completed , it simply stopped working.

    I deleted this APP.
    It might work now…

  2. Tony Lee

    What a great service from Meet.One a great community app to broaden and scale EOS to the Mass public. They should have some instruction about the Ram and that users need to top it up before staking all their coins.