Honestly? Have you ever planted a tree in your life by yourself? Well if not, don’t worry there’s still time 🙂 But wait, you don’t even have to do this yourself!

There’s a website where you can just do a web search – like you would normally do – and with every search you do you pay some cents to a charity. If there are enough searches a new tree will be planted. It’s never been that easy to contribute in saving our planet!

Visit & Search on Ecosia.org – the search engine that plants trees

The researcher Peter Wohlleben is a true expert on trees and the connection of trees that were largely unknown to me I until I heard about his researches. In his research and resulting publications in books (e.g. only available in German: “Das Geheime Leben der Bäume”) he has impressively proven that trees are not only “dull” and lifeless phenomena in our natural world. He proves and shows there for example clearly that trees communicate with each other, have sensations as well as feelings and even a memory. The root tips of a tree, for example, have brain-like structures. Mushrooms and fragrances in the forest play an important role for the “Internet of the Forest”. One can even see that trees also have friends or raise their tree babies.

In my opinion, the best way to visually show that a tree really lives is to use a time-lapse. Trees are just a bit slower compared to us. But that gives them advantage regarding their “life time experience”. Every tree normally lives much longer than every human being on average. Even though we can’t communicate directly with trees – like we do with other humans – we can still try to show them the respect they have as our “roommates” here on earth 😉 For example by at least not cutting them down senselessly for greed and profit in the wrong places..!

No matter what the future brings, it will be better with than without trees. Therefore, join in and use this search engine from time to time. If everyone just helps a little, we can all do a lot together!

Support planting trees by doing web searches on Ecosia.org today


Photo by Matthew Smith on Unsplash


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