HTC is entering the crypto space with the Exodus One hyped to be the best present under the Christmas tree this December
who wouldn’t want a smartphone with the security and all over POWER of the BLOCKCHAIN?

Especially seeing Phil Chen (HTC decentralized chief officer)making super edgy videos talking about transparency and news clips of the dow crashing. He also has stated “we believe that the crypto secure internet and exodus will put power and trust back into the hands of the people”

Is this finally mass adoption? everyone has a mobile? Well it is a move in the right direction
the exodus has its own wallet built in that runs as a side os to the android os to keep your crypto kitties safe Crypto kitties is that still a thing ??? don’t have crypto kitties well that’s ok it is pre-installed in the phone is mass adoption going to come from a Tamagotchi 2.0 revelation. Everyone loves a great viral game have you played Angry Birds, the hugely popular mobile phone game is played by 30 million people every day for a total of 300 million minutes, its creators have revealed on Oct 19, 2011.


But its more than this having a secure mobile device can help the unbanked and return our personal data us
and set us free we are told. Whether or not this is true we will have to wait and see.
There are still plenty of hurdles to clear before we see this in everyone’s hands HTC need to address the little things like firstly buying it. Now for most of you out there reading this making a purchase using crypto is a simple task. However, to a consumer that does not yet understand public addresses and private keys and only has fiat in their pockets may never lay hands upon the exodus. As of right now, you can only buy it with bitcoin and eth  pre-order HERE


 It is great news that HTC wants to accept crypto payments but not accepting fiat at this stage
can only slow sales. The second big problem is I have a phone if I was in the market for one yes I would look at what this has to offer like

6.0” Quad HD screen

 12MP + 16MP main camera 8MP+8MP dual front camera

Android O.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon 845

 But costing around $1000 I don’t think this is the phone to bank the unbanked through a more affordable model is promised. The pricing will also slow the uptake if this was December last year with record prices people
would have thrown wallets full of crypto at this but must have a hardware wallet now and the market bleed out most of the year.

So is this a move in the right direction? yes, will everyone that’s into crypto rush to buy this? probably not!

will this be the new industry standard for 2019? Time will tell.

let me know what thoughts are below.



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