Ternio (TERN) targets the classic advertising markets. The main advantages for advertisers and publishers will be the reduction of useless fess, more transparency and very fast transaction speed.

They made a video on their site promoting their site which is very technical. Especially at the end too many rows of data for my taste .. 🙂 But overall it gave me good impression that they probably know what they are doing. The test of millions of transactions shows that it already also a fast transaction speed on a high transaction volume.

All in all Ternio tries to make life easier for advertisers, the ones who are implementing ads on their websites and everyone who might be included during the process of delivering an ad. In the current business world there are lots of intransparencies and costs that could be avoided. With Ternio everyone in connection to an advertising can see what he is allowed and can therefore for example see why he didn’t get paid so far or when the payment will be made. A lot of useless middlemen are cut out and both side will profit from more efficiency and transparency.

To store all relevant data they created their own blockchain called Lexicon. It is has an interesting history with its routes at IBM. The Lexicon blockchain is connected to the Stellar blockchain. Stellar is already very fast in transactions. They also improved it on top with their own fault tolerance algorithm.

Because of the very high transaction speed Ternio might also be not only a good choice for the ad industry. May be it will be connected and used with other use cases. One of their goals with Lexicon is also to create a blockchain framework that can be used in different industries as shown on this picture on their website:

source: https://www.ternio.io/

I think because the ad market is always a very competitive, Ternio might seem rather insecure to be really “the one”, simply because there are already a lot of other projects aiming in the same direction.

But if I had to choose one fact why I would choose this one over another competitor I would probably end up in transaction speed. With eyes on the future I think this will be one of the main relevant aspects a “useful” crypto project in the future has to be able to handle. I don’t know if you can say that about most other projects..!

The following chart gives a good comparison of the different pros and cons relating competing projects:

source: https://twitter.com/TomT_XRP/status/995698295971483649

In the end it also comes all down to current price, which is currently also “affordable” and far from over valued I would say:

source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ternio/

So in my view all of this together makes Ternio also worth calling it another “huge potential” coin!

If you want to buy some TERN (Ternio) for BTC or USDT you can currently almost only get it on BitForex so far. This is probably another huge advantage: If the roadmap gets done like it is planned than this is a great opportunity to get in before this coin gets listed on bigger exchanges and gets known to a bigger audience.

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