Races separate us long in the past as gender last defends our roles

society prays upon our equality to be harmony in each other’s eyes

leaving closing glory to the eyes of the beyond we lived in

faces the fears it is able to just occur earlier than future heads

my fellow brothers and sisters from every colour

we are all same whether we are from some other ethnic organization

we are all same from the adam and eve that introduced extraordinary know-how to earth

allow peace be preserve in hand bestowed the life we have to live with

forestall discriminate against each other to are available in peace

we’re all equal with the peace and love to come back

allow’s make the future a better revel in to come

prevent the violence to self hatred we supply on on this global

being in global of peace will dispose of the oppression

our fellow historians keep on with them in ache

restoring the peace we as soon as crave to have

discrimination hurts us in vain to leave us wondering

will society ever be given us in hand to recognise we count

we all have price to the society call like steel we’re unbreakable

like metallic we’re unmoved to the location we are positioned in

live and be loose we percentage to love and be in peace

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