The Humancoin stage offers a progressive answer for the philanthropy business. The amalgamation of blockchain innovation, the cryptographic mazuma market and web predicated business dependability programs into a task will perpetually transmute the philanthropy business. It is astonishing that throughout the hundreds of years the philanthropy business has transmuted virtually no as far as the innovation utilized, with the exception of that the component that religious communities played two hundred years prior has currently been postulated control by altruistic establishments

What is Humancoin?

Humancoin is a progressive stage that is transmuting the magnanimity business for good, concretely made to work in cooperative energy with the web-predicated business and cryptographic mazuma markets, which together have a joined estimation of $3.5 trillion! The present innovation utilized in the philanthropy business is at a moderately low caliber. Customarily for people and organizations that are yare to give assets to alter their opinion because of questions about whether the commitment will achieve the beneficiary in full and on time, and an absence of confide in philanthropies, because of the nonattendance of any official ecumenical sodalities for assessing their exercises; The multifaceted nature of cross-outskirt installments for outside undertakings, and in additament potential issues in managing administrative offices; and Unable to agonize any extra advantages when making a gift.


The stage gives a chance to exhaustively screen online gifts, and in additament to vote and assess undertakings and philanthropy alongside different capacities

There is in like manner an opportunity to get a receipt for each blessing that will be utilized for charge discovering purposes, dependent upon the obligation ward of the supplier. The future augmentation of the endeavor will be financed by 5% – from the benefits raised for munificence wanders, which is 4 times lower than the market typical. You can optically discern video beneath for more data

Unique features of Humancoin?

This is the principal ever blockchain venture that can possibly turn into an ecumenical online business steadfastness program aggregator. Relationship with benevolence gives its tokens a fascinating propitious position in engendering reliability programs with accomplices making a forceful zealous reverberation. Rather than contending with subsisting projects, the Humancoin token is facilely coordinated into efficaciously subsisting frameworks — all it requires is setting a transmutation rate.


• Humancoin will be an open P2P arrange which will empower support to a prompt pinpoint benison. The wander won’t settle any affiliation especially since there are such an extensive number of benevolent relationship around the globe.

• The unauthentically spurious utilization of the token procured won’t be obliged on benevolent trades. Any wander in perspective of the stage, will give a gratifying categorical on the kind of fiat or computerized cash it makes utilization of.

• Most mundane crypto and fiat mazuma cognate guidelines can be adequately regulated by Humancoin arrange. There is typically no confinement for the undertakings and even the customers with deference to the utilization of mazuma.

• The desideratum of this undertaking remains the coordination and the similitude with subsisting acclaimed dug in showcase courses of action.

• There will be an obliged cost of 5% for humancoin for raising resources and this will be utilized for the future avail of the stage, anyway the commission charged by the current philanthropic substrata can be up to 20-30%.

• The stage will have the competency to incorporate the component an industry’s most auxiliary and simple to utilize interface.

• If the provider needs, he can leave his or her preserve in the human pool, the structure will consequently assign the mazuma to the exercises with the most hoisted rating from the stage’s district.

• The central stage to utilize specialists will be the Humancoin.

• Adscititious options will moreover be open on the stage, through this customers can likewise pay with Humancoin tokens and for this, circumstance extra focal points will be assigned.


Total Supply: 3 055 000 000 ERC20 Humancoins

The price of one token is $0.01

Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH

All unsold tokens will be burnt


Duration: July 1 — August 15, 2018

50% Bonus

Available: 150 000 000 Humancoins

Cap: $1 mln

Main Token Sale

Duration: September 15 — November 1, 2018

Softcap — $6 mln

Hardcap — $26 mln

Stage 1: 35% Bonus

Available: 945 000 000 Humancoins

Stage 2: 20% Bonus

Available: 960 000 000 Humancoins

Stage 3: 0% Bonus

Available: 1 000 000 000 Humancoins


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