Since its establishment in 2013, Huobi Group has been financed by Zhenfund and Sequoia Capital. With a turnover that exceeds 1.2 trillion USD, investments in more than sixty upstream and downstream enterprises and a global share of 50%, they are the world’s largest digital assets exchange. Huobi Group is the third cryptocurrency exchange by volume.

Recently, interviewed Vice President Livio Weng. His professional background with years of experience in fintech, peer-to-peer lending, and social networking . In the interview Livio Weng said that the Huobi Group wants to be the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. They are also expanding their global network of blockchain-related projects and businesses even further.

Every week Huobi Group is in the news with innovative solutions to serve their customers and expand their businesses. Being market leader in an market that moves at lightning speed, Livio Weng said they have to move at even faster speed and constantly innovate. In this article I gonna tell you all about the latest innovations and very big news that is coming this year.

What’s Next?

Huobi Ecosystem Is Massive

The results of all the hard work and innovations of last years resulted in a whole ecosystem of services. Huobi is not just an exchange, it offers a full range of services across the blockchain ecosystem.

The ecosystem of Huobi consists of:

Huobi Exchange

As told in my previous posts I am a frequent trader on the Huobi Global exchange. This large and userfriendly exchange has been constantly growing and for me offering all the tools I need for my trading in cryptocurrencies.

The exchange is divided into two sections: Huobi Main and Huobi Next.

Huobi Main will have Huobi staff screening projects and have a more stringent selection of projects. This screening is done using the SMARTChain evaluation method, designed to screen out fraudulent, low quality projects. This division is ideal for all traders and offers a well screened assortment of projects to invest in. Huobi is doing very much to make trading in cryptocurrencies safer and with this division they are creating a place as safe as possible for everyone that would like to trade on a fast and secure exchange.

Huobi Next will be the more democratic platform and is more responsive to the community’s desire. They will be selecting high-quality blockchain projects through public voting on the open platform, composed of endorsers, eligible voters and the HT community.

Huobi Groups mining pool entity. Was launched at March 30th 2018. Broke into the tenth spot of total hashrate distribution at September 25th 2018.

Huobi Group’s professional multi-chain light wallet.

Huobi Capital is the investment arm of Huobi Group, focusing exclusively on blockchain and crypto assets investment.

Huobi’s blockchain incubator in San Francisco. They can offer funding in crypto form, hands on advice from Huobi Investment, smart chain evaluation model.

A program for partnership opportunities aimed at building strategic partnerships with prominent blockchain influencers, funds, brokerage houses etc. Introducing candidates to the program provides a referral bonus of 2 BTC.



As trader I also use stablecoins to buy other cryptocurrencies. HUSD is the new improved stablecoin that can be used to execute all transactions with stablecoins used on their platform. So no need for holding different stablecoins anymore, and no need to switch between different coins let’s save the users of Huobi’s exchange transaction costs.

Beside there is no need to switch between stablecoins anymore I think there are some more important advantages that are good to know. In my opinion the biggest advantages of HUSD are:

  • No need to hold multiple stablecoins anymore
  • Cost saving when switching between stablecoins
  • Gives the Huobi Exchange a more userfriendly experience than other exchanges
  • Helps to get a wider adoption of cryptocurrencies
  • One coin can be influenced by whales or by spreading FUD. HUSD is four coins in one, so this coin is much more secure and stable as other stablecoins


Huobi Wallet now Supports EOS

EOS support is recently added to the Huobi Wallet. This is very good news for EOS holders. Because Huobi is the third biggest cryptocurrency exchange in volume, this means there are many EOS holders on Huobi’s exchange that now can access all features EOS offers to holders. The logical result of this will be a raise in demand what will result in a higher price of EOS. It also gives a boost to the usage of the EOS blockchain.

Because EOS is among the most important proof-of-stake (DPOS) currencies adding EOS was a logical step. Now EOS is successfully added at Huobi’s Wallet more coins are being added. Livio Weng said the community can expect to see more currencies added at an accelerated rate.

Huobi Wallet became the first wallet to support seven stablecoins including: PAX, TUSD, USDC, GUSD, DAI, EURS and USDT.


What’s Next?

In the interview VP Livio Weng revealed great news is coming in December this year, but he can’t tell us what this is. What would be the next big step for an exchange that’s already a world leading cryptocurrency exchange offering a full ecosystem of services. It must be something big! A next step to connect the world with cryptocurrencies and I think a way to excellerate the adoption of blockchain in our lives. I think it will be the next step to become a fully decentralized exchange. As soon there comes more news I will be the first to write about it so stay tuned!

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