Last week a big blockchain event was held in San Fransisco. If you missed all the blockchain and crypto related events in this week I will tell you here what was happened and why Huobi also participated in this events. They never did before so are you also wondering what will be the reason for Huobi to participate? As trader of Huobi’s exchange I am very interested in the journey of Huobi to the U.S. so I did some research. In this article I tell you more about it so keep reading.

The San Fransisco blockchain week was put on by Dekrypt Capital (one of the leading crypto funds) and Noris (technology consultancy which works across a collection of projects).

The whole week was focused on highlighting the researchers, makers and builders in the blockchain space. This week the biggest company’s in blockchain and crypto space travelled to San Fransisco to connect to quality North American projects.



Connect with the U.S.

Huobi Group, the worlds leading blockchain company, has send a high-level delegation to San Fransisco. It was the first time Huobi executed events in the U.S. so last week they seized the opportunity to introduce themselves to the American markets. As you expect from a world leading company, they have done well. America and the North American part where San Fransisco is situated is a big part of the financial markets and as market leader you have to participate on events of this size. It is very important to seize these opportunities if you want to grow and hold your position in this field.

For them the event was very successful and sparked profound discussion on blockchain technology. They were hosting the following events:

• Blockchain cocktail night. Hosted by Huobi Group and JD Capital

• Token Foundry, Project Pitch Session

• Silicon Valley Meetup with Danhua Capital

These events helped spark profound discussions on blockchain technology, apllications, innovation and to connect Huobi Capital and Huobi Fund to quality North American projects, thereby creating value in this industry through investment.

In the U.S. people and companies are highly interested in blockchain technology and also many potential investors living in the U.S. This is already a good reason to participate on this event. If you read my previous article about the integration of HADAX into NEXT you should know that the Huobi Group and the U.S. financial markets are sharing many similarities and in bigger perspective the same vision. For example Huobi’s exchange has a separate part for investors called Huobi Main, wich only have cryptocurrency projects that passed a stringent selection procedure performed by Huobi staff. You could see this like a regulated part of the market where consumers are being protected and can only invest in the safest projects on the market. More experienced investors that are willing to take more risks and are familiair with blockchain projects are able to trade in Huobi Next, where users holding HT in their account are able to vote for listing new projects.



Creating value by investing

As the worlds leading blockchain company, Huobi Group used the events of the San Fransisco blockchain week to connect with promising North American projects. By investing in these projects Huobi Group give projects the ability to complete their development and targets. If Huobi Group is funding a project the markets (read investors, traders) must see this as a project with much potential. So the investment of such a big trusted company like Huobi, maybe the safest exchange worldwide will have an enormous positive impact for a starting project. This way Huobi creates value in the blockchain industry and are helping the projects with the biggest potential with reaching their targets and their integration into the blockchain.

I am wondering in which projects Huobi Group is interested and if they invested already in one or more promising projects. I think they did, because staff members of Huobi Capital and Huobi Fund also participated in the events. Investing in projects is not only a way to create value in the industry, but can also be seen as tactical decisions as a beginning partnership. As we know Huobi exchange is a very innovative and quick improving exchange, that as the best investors are always one step further than their concurrents. By connecting with blockchain projects that will be the big company’s of tomorrow they are fitting their strategy into the quick changing landscape of the blockchain and making opportunities from potential threads.

As investor I am happy to see the activity last week and all good rumours about promising cryptocurrency projects. It is good to see that the exchange I use for my daily trades integrate in the blockchain projects and are exploring new markets. It tells me they are growing and in the future will be bigger with more investors, more trades and higher volume.

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