HybridBlock is an entire blockchain based ecosystem which is devoted to purchasing, trading on individual and commercial levels and education about cryptocurrencies and the industry in general. This ecosystem represents a one stop shop where investors can accomplish all of their needs in the sector and also increase their knowledge during this period.

Project Outline and Objectives

It is abundantly clear that the crypto industry is somewhat fragmented at the current moment. This makes it quite difficult to perform various tasks in the most efficient manner, both on an individual and institutional level. It also serves to heighten the barrier of entry to new investors due to complexity.

This is where HybridBlock steps forth with the ideal solution. The ecosystem has everything a potential investor could require.

Through their BaseTrade feature, they aim to make it highly accessible to purchase all manner of currencies in a type of online supermarket model. Simply add the desired currencies to your cart and pay with your secured wallet.

The HybridExchange will offer full books on a variety of currencies from across a variety of providers. This will ensure the best possible liquidity and pricing for potential traders. Furthermore, the HybridTerminal will function as the first downloadable, standalone trading terminal for advanced traders.

Finally, HybridCentral will function as a community education hub. This will make learning about the industry and trading both simple and informative through its gamified model. This type of education is essential to not only encourage new market entrants but to also keep up to date with the constant advancements and changes within the industry.

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