But why think black is monkey

When black is beautiful

But why think skin colour

When character is good enough

But why do I need to convince the world to love me and not my skin

How do I explain that I didn’t make the choice of where and how to be born

But hey, I love it black

I love the African feel of what beauty is

Africa is the bed of beauty

A place with diverse cultural and social uniqueness

Being blessed is not enough

Being an african is more than enough

Thinking less of myself as an african only means I am living less of awesomeness

Assuming I cant compete in the real world is thinking I can’t wake up the next morning

If beauty was a five letter word

It will come in the word “africa”

I know you think I’m a monkey

It’s the highest form of ignorance not to know the jungle is where they live

I am the beauty you are yet to unveil

Wait for it

I am African

I am beautiful

I am character worthy

I am honest

I am loyal

Most importantly, I am priceless

This post is dedicated to those who believe in African beauty and the uniqueness in our diversity.

Proudly an african

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  1. Zeus69

    Dear Faith, I am from South Africa and white, there are unfortunately inequalities throughout the world, whether it is race, religion, culture or even the various races with disabilities, there are different people and races all around the world that are sadly down trodden but that’s by the minority of people of the world, those are the sad pessimists that need to wake up to the reality of all human beings, we are the same no matter, the race (color), religion, culture or disability. we are all born human. Like for like.
    Be optimistic and proud of who you are my friend, I certainly am.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  2. DonkeysWorld

    Thank you for your post @phait!

    I am pleased to say that not all of us think of black people as monkeys. The colour of peoples skin and where they come from have no influence on me whatsoever, and yes, character is way more important than colour.

    None of us had a choice of where we were born in this world or of which colour skin we would be wrapped in but, we all have a choice to be the best person we can be and to love the people around us.

    Black, white, yellow, blue, green or whatever colour doesn’t matter. We are all the same underneath it all.

    As for Africa, I think it’s a beautiful and I wish to visit this awesome country at some point in my lifetime.

    If beauty was a six letter word (not five), It would indeed come in the word “africa”.

    Have a great day my friend and stay proud of who you are!