Trybe is a Social media platform which rewards users for their original content. The rewards are paid in TRYBE tokens, which can be exchanged for other crypto currencies (or actual money). Trybe is similar to Steemit in that regard.

This is kind of a short commentary of my time on Trybe since it began (or since I joined, I suppose) as well as a bit of an explanation of what Trybe is – as I will share it to my Twitter and Steemit feeds.

I really like the Trybe interface. I like how it works, and I love its clean look. But what I really like is the lack of bots which have invaded Steemit and work only (or mostly, anyways) for the benefit of the Steemit whales.

Explanation: Because real money is involved there is an incentive for people to manipulate the system for their own benefit. Steemit has lost a lot of its users over the past months because it has, in my opinion, pretty poor governance in this regard. Trybe doesn’t seem to have this particular problem because there are no active bots on the platform at this stage (bots can be programmed to automatically reward particular authors everytime they post.  Trybe also has a rule which does not allow an account to reward the same account twice in a two day period. We can only hope Trybe will stay this way; the team behind it seem aware of the problem and keen to keep on top of it.

Once you have signed up to Trybe, it’s really easy to use. And there is an incentive for early adopters – the Trybe team are giving away loads of TRYBE tokens (proportional to the amount held in the account) every month in 2019 to existing users. That means you will not only get TRYBE tokens by posting and being rewarded for your content by other users, each month you will be ‘airdropped’ further tokens proportionally to how many you have already accumulated.

So it’s not fair, and I reckon it’s not in the best interests of the Trybe platform, for the people already on it to get all the free TRYBE. So here it is: Join up! For info on how to do this, see

Welcome to the Trybe!

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  1. Marcel

    I really love trybe because its simple but nice interface ! I Never shared that much in my social media but here you got an amazing community and theyre all full of the same great mindset ! Its a pleasure to be a part of Trybe 😉 Great content 😉

  2. ozgurcinarli

    I loved steemit, and I love Trybe too. But I met with steemit too late, and I am glad to be one of the early adapters of Trybe. I trust to the creators of Trybe, because they are aware of steemit, and they are experienced by steemit.