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Photo Credit:  Me (in Aruba)

The card for our tenth post in poems of the tarot is the ace of swords. This is a card of clarity and purpose. Whatever sales people are howling outside your door, and whatever rumours and slanders are swirling around you, can now all be cut away, and seen as the distractions they really are. Whatever misfortune has imposed upon your days, and whatever unnecessary tasks have whittled away all of your time, now you can see through it all to the bare bones of need.


My neighbour was visiting her husband in the hospital in his final days, and he grabbed her hand and said to her, “Things don’t matter, do they?”. Whether this symbolizes our purpose to do something beyond wealth and prestige, or whether it simply affirms the connection with family and friends above our love for cars and mansions, this is the realization of what matters to you, and what you truly want in your life.


The year of 2018 was a tumultuous year for me. Many family emergencies came to pass, and I spent almost no time at home, always being on the road, and visiting elsewhere. I had to learn to deal with things I’d never had to do before, was always on edge, and was stressed out in some quite unbelievable ways. This poem is a mixture of my ideas of clarity right now, and the wisdom of my friends and neighbours.


I cannot say what, for you, might be your understanding and clarity. It might be something completely different, and it might change over time. What is something we really need now, might not be what we need twenty years from now. Regardless, this is the time to see through illusion, and feelings of discouragement, and bathe in the blue sky of clarity.


The Ace of Swords – Jan 28, 2019


Photo Credit: Shadowscapes

All I want is a day without crisis.
From my picturesque view
And roomy mansion
The cry of a mourning dove
Could set off a string
Of funerals and misgivings.


Through the morning fog a faint gleam
Enables me to plan and sing
And play and create
The singular essence of my desire
Which is not this place
Or my place in it
But the attentive eyes of hungry cats
Fixed on their imminent prey,
To be so alive, and here…
In this day.


The afternoon’s brightness vanishes shadow
Dispels all that was dim and shallow
And I resolve to be forgiving
And realize the damage I’ve done
In the name of learning,
And I pardon all of your transgressions
In the name of trying.


And evening falls on a full moon
Strong enough to throw shadows
Across the dew-edged grass
And light my iridescent eye
With the irreversible hope
Of another day without crisis.

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