For finding the BEST wallet for EOS, I have downloaded almost all the relative apps on App Store by searching the keyword, and finally, I believe that I have found the one that what we are looking for.

After a couple of days, by deep reviewing those 16 wallets, I’d like to use a form to summarise my experience.

As shown above,I get some troubles when I try to import my EOS account by the private key in some wallets, as a result, I can’t get in to have a look. What a pity! I hope in the next version they can fix this problem.

What makes TokenPocket beat the other EOS Wallets?

There areTOP 4 features that make TokenPocket so different, Ram Exchange, Dapp Store, Observer Mode, and AirGrab.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Ram Exchange. If you are an early user of EOS or familiar with the cryptocurrency, definitely you will remember that crazy price of ram.

As a 24h live exchange, the price varies from time to time, so it is significant that you can access the exchange and make a trade. That’s why I love this feature most.

Secondly, the Dapp Store, when we talk about the EOS we can’t avoid this topic. According to dApps stats provider, DappRadar, EOS-driven offerings are already outstripping Ethereum based offerings in terms of transaction volumes.

Since TokenPocket has compatible with Scatter, Now all the DApps built with Scatter can be played on this wallet, like the EOSBet, KARMA, Pixel Master, Newdex, Chintai, AirGrab, PRA CandyBox and etc.

Thrity, I would like to recommend you guys the Observer Mode, that’s so cool, just by entering the account name or it’s public key, then you can ‘get in’ the account.

you can do everything like what you can do on your own account like browsing the transaction records, watch your resources and check your assets, except sending token and other behavior like this.

Lastly, but also an important feature — — the AirGrab,which is a new way to distribute candies. So far it has supported more than 9 tokens for AirGrab, including the INF, DEOS, ATD, WIZZ, POOR, DICE, RIDL, TRYBE and SEVEN.

How do these amazing features work?

I found some Tutorial from YouTube,that’s also a good way to make us much clearer about how it works.

#1 Ram Exchange

Video URL:

The Ram Exchange built-in TokenPocket make it easy to trade your ram in a wallet. Live orders show the real-time transactions and huge holders list the top 10 holders of ram market, in Distribution, which provides the graphics data. — — — TokenPocket

#2 Dapp Store

Video URL:

TokenPocket has compatible with Scatter, Now all the DApps built with Scatter can run on TokenPocket, make it easier to use, which is a good news for users, also for developers. — — — TokenPocket

#3 Observer Mode

Video URL:

Observing the wallet does not require importing a private key. It only needs to import the account name or public key and performs daily viewing of accounts, transaction records, and receiving notifications. — — — TokenPocket

#4 AirGrab

Video URL:

AirGrab is a way of distributing candies that consume the user’s RAM (about 0.25KB per kind of token). After AirGrab, we will get the airdrop according to the related team. — — — TokenPocket

Where to download?

TokenPocket is available on App Store and Google Play.

Follow us and look forward to our next series.

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