Please can some one help me reach these special Lady in my life? Gladys Elisha Pwaspo. Please do tell her I love her. She is my Queen, my princess, my love,my heart bit, etc

My love though people unleashed the phrase I love you, some do not understand its real magnitude because it is not from beneath their heart. I love you weighs really hard especially for those who really understand and feel it within them.


love you my baby you are my compationate partner in eye contact,a feeling runs down my body when ever I unleash the phrase I love you,after the eye contacte another magnificent feeling makes my body tremble.

I really do love you that is why am issuing these phrase love, to you

Am sure both of us are already on the threshold, loving you have help transform me from bad to good, good to better and from better to best. I really appreciate you my first Lady.

I am completely submerged in true love, nothing seem to be valuable to me than our love.

Our love shall grow higher and metamorphose to greatness.

These lady have impact my life, I can’t make any decision without her concern an advice is always accurate.

My baby you are the best,you have been with me in these journey of love till date. God will continue to preserved you for me I love you for who you are.

She never fake or feign her behavior to the one she love,she love me for who I am.Together we shall continue to smile from the dept of our heart.

Hard times are bound to prevail just like the easiest. These lady stood by me through out these period. sweetheart, I am still trying my best; I want to love you more than I do. Please help me. But never loved you less than I ever thought.

She always say my michael first. Wow my heart bit.I love you, and it is no more a secret because I already told the world about you

She is always concern in my matters also providing solution, fishes in the sea are countless, but my love for you is greater than that.

My woman, she always make everything possible for me. Thanks love!! But Have you valued my love, I love you more than any possible

My woman i can’t afford to loos you. I love you more than I will ever love anybody or anything. I have loved you and love you more than anybody will or has loved you. Please stay with me and love me as I will love you more.

She have shown me the best way partners love each other. We love each other more than any other persons do. I love you so much.

My family members awaits your arival. i Iove you, and I already told the world, and they informed me of their desire to connive with me in doing so.

Beauty can vanished but the heart still love. Some say I love you because I need you, but I love you because I love you,when I say I love you, I mean I don’t love anything that hate you.


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  1. Zeus69

    Love is a beautiful think with the right person, if you find that person mutual respect and love for each other must be nurtured, and like everything it takes 2 to make it work. Enjoy the love my friend.
    Mark (Zeus69)