Hello friends is the last month of the year so let examine and determine so far our feeding lifestyle.

I know we have lectures, teacher’s, professors,scientists in our mist I want to air out my view and there off learn from your comments.

During my service year NYSC I was posted to a certain city, I saw all kind’s of fruits and vegetables which I have never seen in my life.

Let do these.!!!! You know from my observation I notice that mostly the Rich do take their families to big restaurant where they buy processed food. Fry fish, microwave food etc,

Having in mine that it is the poor, because there don’t have much money there should go for fruits and vegetables because there are less expensive,That big eateries, is basically for the big Boy’s.

Please my fellow friends in trybe platform we should not only depends on earning tokens. Share with us what do you think about

(1) some rich persons that have these mentality that eating fruits especially where fruits is less expensive,is basically for the less privileged,the poor.

(2) between the poor and the rich now in these Case,considering the health benefit of fruits an vegetables. An considering the health implications of eating processed food. Which of the group is said to be prone to diseases and good health.

our view now we can know the group we belong to and also create awareness to those who spend almost the whole year eating processed food without fruits or vegetables. And those who combine the two groups.

You know many of us have been planing to consume enough process food, than even fruits, visit almost all the restaurant within our environment. In the marry Cris max.

I prefer eating much fruits wat of you?

A least minimize the rate at which you consume process food. That is my own opinion. Do share with me your view.

If you are proud to be here share your view with us


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