As we all know across Europe, consumers are increasingly favouring artificial intelligence (AI) experiences and companies implement technologies that revolutionise customer service and follow AI logics. The data emerges from a research, the System of Action Enterprise, which allows companies to work at the speed of light.

I have also read that 30% of European companies have already introduced artificial intelligence technologies in customer services and that 72% already see benefits, such as freeing up the time of operators, more efficient processes in managing high volumes of requests and a always-on service.

According to the research, the biggest challenge is to provide a full-time service. Customers can use multiple service channels, but expect support at any time and this shows the limits of companies:

So the resolution of the problem? to have assistance should be available 24h on 24h, 7 days on .. but not all have yet adopted this “continuous cycle” and so we are with 50% of companies there is unable to respond to requests 24/7 40% of companies say they fight to meet growing expectations, 37% find it difficult to respond to repetitive questions efficiently

The AI ​​would then allow companies to answer more questions more effectively, to anticipate and act according to customer needs:59% of companies want to extend the range of applications supported by VCA and chatbot. 47% say that AI will allow customer service operations to become more efficient. 37% believe that AI can be used to provide a level of service greater

The adoption of IA technologies will increase, but this will serve to increase the ability of human operators to provide “wow” experiences to customers:

37% of companies say that artificial intelligence can help provide a higher level of service, without decreasing employment. 29% of companies are aware that to use AI tools, training courses for customer service managers must be organized.

“Most companies offer an omnichannel customer experience, but many fight to manage requests, which are always on the rise.” Early adopters are reaping the benefits of using AI technologies to meet common demands and activities, allowing operators to move from a reactive role to more proactive and meaningful engagement. “

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  1. miti

    Se deleghiamo tutto alle macchine, mi chiedo poi che lavoro ci ritroveremo a fare noi.. saremo noi a lavorare per loro? 😀
    Scherzi a parte, l’efficacia di un assistenza continua, 24/7 è un traguardo che tutte le grosse aziende inseguono e quindi comprendo l’impiego dell’IA per perseguire questo scopo.