Availing people and organizations digitize property in authenticity utilizing the business driving square innovation to expand exchange productivity and precise confide in biological communities through ameliorating property rights, following assets, and following exchanges. The principal preferred standpoint of digitizing property on a square system, contrasted with conventional concentrated frameworks, is that all property-cognate exchanges are followed by inconsistent books independent of the distributor. The astronomically immense preferred standpoint of transmuting from circling computerized advantages for an assembled framework to a dispersed convivial exchange demonstrate is that every asset channel can make its own center point for remarkable resources.

IDA is elongating this market to other BRI locales all through Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Immensely colossal progression has been brought by the information showcase in auxiliary source portion and quality stream. The viability, vigor, and effortlessness of conveying resources can be only a focal impetus of monetary amelioration. The allotment of assets limits societal and monetary costs and is rudimentary to their utilization. The sharing economy’s advancement will be a result of efficiencies in the asset portion. The stage will likewise bolster the extension of benefit environments in different relegations of advantages and enterprises that are not restricted to including mundane assets, shrewd urban areas, wellbeing supplements, innovation, ecumenical exchange, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. IDA Token IDA Tokens will be utilized as a trading unit between members in the IDA biological system. The reason for acquainting IDA Token is with give a sheltered and subsidiary installment strategy and settlement between members who interface in the biological community in the IDA Ecosystem. While MRT is an advanced portrayal of genuine resources and value partakes in the IDA Ecosystem. In any case, to genuinely sanction flow.

The 21st century can be viewed as the commencement of a globalized learning economy. Conventional plans of action and markets are fortifying for fluctuating degrees of interruption from the development of expeditiously advancing data innovations. IDA is making an information biological community that incorporates the genuine and information economies, offering an entire digitization arrangement that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT), cyclopean information, and man-made brainpower on a digitized resource open blockchain.


The benefit digitization stage of IDA is the assistance of ecumenical market resource holders and financial specialists to utilize tokenization to transmute over and trade computerized assets on the blockchain.

• Resource holders can make and offer their own auxiliary tokens, in this way including resource esteem.

• Buyers in the biological system can trade resource tokens to execute in all benefit relegations.

• Biological system members can possibly get incentivizing forces through support in exchanges.


The IDA advantage digitization biological system (“IDA eco-framework”) will initiate the digitization of the genuine market utilizing a propelled quality digitization business variant which joins square chain innovation, computerized reasoning (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) advances, information subsidizing, alongside portable robots. The IDA Ecosystem empowers the data to make resources together utilizing advanced possession rights on the square chain. At an indistinguishable time, it raises the availability and stream of benefits, through distributing a “Web of what” that advances digitization of the genuine market. Indeed, even the IDA eco-framework has usefulness to make a flourishing eco framework for estimating resources that are eligible and answer for a venture resource.


IDA total campaign allocation is 3,333,334 IDA tokens with a total of 146.6k $

1 IDA Token = 0.044 $

Private Sale starting October 15 2018


June 2018

The property of Laos’s tree enters the IDA ecosystem

IDA and Matrix begin the joint development of IDA digitization property assets Sigfox provides IDA with IOT Global Technology Solutions

July 2018

IDA White Paper 1.5 is released in Chinese, English and Korean start building a global community

August 2018

Roadshow is global the sale of the complete token establishment of the Foundation

September 2018

Prediction of the expansion of global asset holders Completion of initial collateral

October 2018

Build a Wood Base Camp for South East Asia

November 2018

Develop an IDA public chain Internet stuff infrastructure

December 2018

Portal IDA online entrepreneurs

January 2019

Presentation of blockchain IDA research projects

February 2019

Launch IDA digital media project

March 2019

Complete blockchain public IDA the property of Laos in blockchain

2019 April

completion of the IDA platform

2019 May

development of VR / AR system

2019 June

waking the MRT market

Establish Plant Asia East

to announce the digital chain wallet with the cross

2019 July

anticipating the circulation of digital assets associated with MRT into the ecosystem of Ida

expecting 1-2 scarce resources projects that enter the IDA ecosystem

August 2019

VR / AR improvement

2019 September

The expectation of the great value of a digital stock company attached to the MRT that enter the IDA ecosystem

Economic Forum New Business Property

October 2019

Expect to expand the system for commercial assets associated with MRT to enter real assets, liquid assets and capital.

November 2019

Global expansion to the IDA digital property ecosystem

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