Welcome Trybe to my third piece in the Travel category.

With the Autumn upon us here in Europe, I would like to cheer you up by sharing a couple of Spring shots from a great travel destination in Denmark – the island by the name of Samsø. Samsø is located in the middle of the Great Belt, which is part of a system of danish straits joining the Baltic with Northern Seas.

I am a regular visitor there, especially in the Spring when it’s most beautiful at that time. You can get there by hopping onto the Princess Isabella ferry:

Arrival in Sælvig

I have a friend living there who is a great guide to the island, and also a hunter. So how does Samsø look like in the Spring? Serene and amazing:

As already said, my friend is a hunter and I sometimes go for hunts with him (me hunting for photographs that is). Hunting is a big thing on Samsø and many locals are active maintainers of the animal welfare and population, especially the birds like geese, ducks or pheasants, and other hunting animals such as rabbits and deer. A lot of the private land is used for facilitating animal breeding and safe growth. When a time comes, hunters go for their hunts in turns. You go hunting very early in the morning, just about the dawn.

In a single year, up to 5000 roe deer is shot, without the population endangerment. This can tell you something about the fertility of the island.

When going out in the morning, you can capture some amazing scenes when the sun rises.

Morning dew

Samsø has other amazing spots throughout the entire island.

Samsø Brattingsborg

Me at the Vesborg lighthouse

Cormorant colony seen from the lighthouse

Wind farm with broken wind mill
Ballen harbour 
Ballen harbour

Plus, sunsets are really special on Samsø, for some odd reason.

Hope you enjoyed this little travel recommendation and will eventually find an opportunity to get a Samsø experience like me.

Some of the shots are available in high-res at my professional profile, if you are interested.

My gear when travelling for these landscapes? Pentax K-1, D-FA 15-30 2.8 lens, FA-43 1.9 limited lens, Marumi Super DHG circular polarizing filter, carbon fiber tripod. Editing: Lightroom.

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    1. indykpol Post author

      It’s different greens in spring and in summer. The spring green is usually not that juicy 🙂 But I prefer photos in spring to photos in summer. Summer tends to be boring unless at special time of the day 🙂
      Thanks for checking out.