The era and economy of connection.

You are well connected but I am not.

You are always informed but I am not.

You make money on a daily basis but I am not.

I always see you with high class followers, as friends,but I don’t have any.

But you are a graduate just like I, From the same community. an my former friend.

Something is wrong somewhere, that is what we always say.

My brothers and sisters we should not allow someone to deceive us,the economy of today is the economy of connect.

You can imagine,from my Experience, someone will go to school, get a good grade, but no job, but in other word’s, someone now with just pass grade will get a job without being stressed, the other didn’t get the job because he/she is not connected. This are issues that usually occur, it also happen to me in person.

But what I did for my self is to change my circle of friends, i make new friends in other to be connected, and informed, there is these saying that if you are a friend to four thief’s, definitely you will be the number fifth. if you are a friend to four gossipers definitely you will also be the fifth. and if you are a friend to four millionaire’s surely you will be the number fifth millionaire.

I notice that things are not moving well the way I expected. No positive impact from most of my friends. So I quid them, looking forward take new friends today I am connected.

If you thought me, asks you self these simple question, how do i get to know about Your friend right. you were referred. That is connection. For you and I to make it in life, we need people.

The economy of connection. Let’s do these together. Keeping quality people as friends will help us achieve our goals. Good luck.


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  1. Marcel

    Yeah Well you be What your friends be is true , But If you organize your friends only about sucess and social Connection you maybe will Be Alone If your Dreams fail. But i Wish you the best in following your Dreams ! You cant Dream to big !
    Feel Free to give me Feedback to my Site