Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? Have you ever thought of what some people do which brings fortune to their lives? What do you think is the cause of people loving some poor people? What is the reason why some people are famous while some are not? Why are some people respected and loved by everyone while some are not?

Keep asking yourself those questions and keep pondering about it. Did you get any answer after the long thinking? Well if you do, I congratulate you and if you don’t, then sit down, grab anything consumable (popcorn) and enjoy these article with deep scrutinizing process.

I will start by narrating a story.

There was a man who was in search for a job but he couldn’t get any. After his efforts, he then sat down and thought deeply on how he could create a job for himself. After his long thought, he developed several ideas but he found one idea very best for him when considering his environment due to high population of kids. He then decided he would engage in balloon business. He manage to buy balloons and constructed a shop for his business. He noticed few kids demanding for the balloons out of a very populous kids in his environment. So he decided to do something that would attract the kids to his shop. When he opened his shop the next morning, he set up few balloons into the air. Some balloons few high, while someflew higher but the black balloon flew the highest up to the sky. This created a sense of humor and amusement to the kids which brought them to patronize him. While the seller was standing, a child went to him and asked him “why did the black balloon flew higher compared to others?” The balloon seller felt a form of sympathy to the kid and he answered him saying “actually the balloons can’t fly much to that extent but it is what is inside them t made them fly higher”. The balloon seller inserted helium gas into the balloon which caused the increasing height of the balloon when flying.

I adopted this story because I want to explain the term “Attitude”. Just as the balloons flew higher with the presence of Helium gas in them, humans also grow higher in life with their attitude in them.

Your attitude today will determine where you will be in the future. Most successful people of today had attitude(positive) in them.

If you really want to be successful in life, then change your bad attitude to a positive attitude. Learn to make impact in people’s lives. There are several ways of making impact in people’s lives and it’s not necessarily you meet them physically. You can achieve this by making use of “@medium.com” platform and other social media platforms with the intention of transmitting valuable knowledge and teachings that will inspire and motivate the weak ones. Always give hope to the hopeless by cheering them up. Let every individual have the mindset “I can do it”.

I will conclude by bringing in this important note. Always spread love and not hatred. Love is the only act that can bring peace and happiness to our lives.

Thank you for taking your time to read my article. Feel free to comment, like and repost.

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