I’ll hold your heart,

If you hold mine.

Be sure to hold it right,

Don’t let it slide.

Don’t hold it over a cliff,

Hold it tight in your hands,

Hold it over soft lands.

I’ll wipe your tears,

If you wipe mine.

Don’t wipe then too fast,

Please take your time.

Gently remove the tears,

Gently clean my eyes.

Kiss me were the tear was,

And tell me it’s alright,

Tell me you’ll always be by my side.

I’ll heal your scars,

If you heal mine.

Be sure to stop the bleeding,

Don’t let me bleed and die.

Let your lips touch my scar,

Kiss them gently,

Make my scars shine beautifully.

I’ll touch your soul,

If you touch mine.

Please put your hand in my soul,

And feel all of what I hold.

Don’t be afraid of my darkness,

I need you to touch my soul,

So it will be hard for you to let go.

If you touch the core of me,

Then you and I will be one,

We will be able to stand each others storms.

I’ll give you all of me,

If you give me all of you.

To be together forever,

We must know what to do.

Hold me tight,

When life isn’t bright.

Remind me you love me,

Even when we fight.

Don’t forget to give me a kiss,

Because it’s you who I always miss.

Hold my hand when walking,

I want to feel your sweet touch.

Oh, my dear,

Tell me you love me way to much.

I want to know that the words you speak,

Are how you really feel.

Show me you care,

Show me you are always there.

I will love you,

If you love me.

Just keep me remembering,

That this love we have,

Will forever last.

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  1. Zeus69

    Well written poem from the heart @Vikas; this is the first poem I read besides my own, I have written quite a few poems here on TRYBE, some of mine good some not so great. You can DM me if you want some help or we can collaborate?
    Mark (Zeus69)