Depression as we all know is a serious medical condition that have a serious negative impact on how you feel about things and also how you see people. Depression is a shallow state of mind.

The exact cause of depression isn’t known. It can be as a result of the person genetics, the balance of chemicals in the brain, or the environment in which the person found he’s or herself. There also appear to be a psychological element to depression. However, depression isn’t caused by only just one factor, instead it is the result of a combination of a number of influence. Now let’s take a close look at how each of these factors may contribute to depression


depression most often happen to run in families, this suggest that genetics play a role in a person developing the condition. If you have family members who are suffering from depression, there are chances that you might also suffer from depression. The increase likely hood of a person developing genetic depression is often referred to as genetic predisposition


this is another factor that influence depression. This occurs when some certain chemicals in the brain called Neurotransmitters (Neurotransmitters allows brain cells to communicate with each other by sending and receiving messages) these are the same chemicals that many of the current depression medication affects, since these medicines are useful for the treatment of depression, it can be assumed that Neurotransmitters has an impact on depression . the million dollar question is “does chemical imbalance play in role in causing depression or is chemical imbalance caused as a result of a person being depressed”

3. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITION ALSO PLAYS A GREAT ROLE IN DEPRESSION: sometimes it is advised that people suffering from depression should have a change of environment.


5. FINALLY, PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS MAY ALSO AFFECT A PERSONS CHANCES OF DEVELOPING DEPRESSION; this include factors like poor coping skills, negative thinking, and judgment problems.

There is no simple answer to what causes depression but it may help to think about this different factors and how they interact in blocks some of these blocks may be tall, short, they may stay the same during life time of an individual or changes with time and because each person is different, this blocks can vary in sizes based on the degree of influence that each factor has on an individual. Now stack all the blocks for each individual, there is some critical level or threshold that determines if a person will develop depression. If the total combined height of an a person’s blocks is below the threshold, a person will often function normally . But above this level, a person will develop depression. But you must remember that these factors can change with time. Take two people for instance, the one with a tall block and the one with a small block, now add all the other blocks influences, if an environmental stress like losing a job occurs, this could push the genetically predisposed person over he’s of her threshold, the same stress might not affect the other person because the combined height of he’s or her block is relatively small. However this does not mean that the other individual can’t experience depression, this person can experience another stress such as the death of a loved one that pushes him or her over the threshold.

I do hope that you find this article useful. don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comment section, thank you

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  1. Ilia

    Depression is really a problem of the modern world. Progress disrupts the natural course of development. People began to live longer and spend less effort to provide for themselves. Interesting work Musa