I am your Daddy my Angel,
I’ll always love and care for you,
you were born of me, always true.

Your innocence breaks my heart,
you ask, do I miss you, while apart,
no uttered words can explain,
my deep heartfelt pain,
I sorely do my Angel.

The limited time we get to spend,
temporary rules, I cannot bend,
This painful hurt I hide,
when you are by my side.

Your child love and laughter,
gives me strength long after,
you are driven away by Mom to stay,
long nights between visits, awake I lay,
thinking, more time we will have one day.

You are 8 almost 9 now and young still,
for me to explain my painful hill,
I’m not alone in my struggle,
thoughts of you when we snuggle.

The times together we have, and had,
the future soon no more sad.
Soon to, understand in your youth,
but forgive them for their untruth,
New memories, we must look ahead,
not back as my heavy feet tread.

For the many years to come,
time is short and much to overcome,
Only joy and happiness,
together forever will be hurt less.

I Love you my Angel.

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter – Mikayla

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Hey Johan, thanks for reading and I really appreciate your comment, what can I say its my daughter, my blood, one chance in life, and I take it, yeah I love my daughter.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thank you that it is quite an honor that you think I should compile a book, maybe one day when I feel confident enough and retired, lol
      Appreciate your inspiration my friend.
      Mark (Zeus69)