Imagine pure truth in Astrobiology,
are we here from Venus;

Imagine ET was a reality, and was here,
would we be as senseless;

Imagine aliens, walked among us,
or are we the faceless;

Imagine if Martin, was a Martian,
would he be TRYBEless;

Imagine, complete happiness,
no sadness;

Imagine, world harmony, no war,
but peacefulness;

Imagine, love without needing,
honest fondness;

Imagine, life without hate,
or people heartless;

Imagine, no need for receiving
when giving, pureness;

Imagine, no earth destruction,
renewable energy harmless;

Imagine, no disrespect at all,
but love regardless;

Imagine all working together,
living in peacefulness;

Imagine, no discrimination,
and want to oppress;

Imagine, no animal murdered,
and in distress;

Imagine, no pollution,
making a mess;

Imagine, no restrictions,
and need to transgress;

Imagine, trustworthiness,
and faithfulness;

Imagine, no secrets,
but openness;

Imagine, no starvation,
but hunger success;

Imagine, no self-indulgence,
and someone having less;

Imagine, no destitution,
and homelessness;

Imagine, no corruption,
and victim’s helplessness;

Imagine, no pain and diseases,
but wellness;

Imagine, families no divorces,
forever, togetherness;

Imagine is surely all this is,
not reality and bliss;

Imagine is all I can do, it’s written
as I am helpless;

Imagine all we do is a test,
no control as its useless;

Imagine if life here is what it was,
reliving past relentless;

Imagine we weren’t created by God,
the truth is abiogenesis;

Imagine we were back from the past,
looking at our world helpless;

Imagine if we were from the big bang,
or is this mere hypothesis;

imagine we are the terrestrials,
completing, evolving no less;

Imagine if this was all true, who is he,
ET is home, now homeless;

Imagine I wrote this poem as a subject,
me being no Astrobiologist;

Imagine I wrote this as a TRYBE challenge,
would it be vote less;

Imagine, the imagine less,
not being imagine less………………………………

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thank you for reading workin, this was a challenge from Martin, I asked for a subject and he chose astrobiology, so had to research it quickly, LOL, Im not even sure if i got it right. 🙂
      Mark (Zeus69)

  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Imagine understanding that all the physical comes from the non-physical, that verb “consciousness” (the act of experiencing anything = the “i-am”) is what actually creates what we perceive as “physical”,,, imagine that physicist showed that 100 years ago,,,, and that now they even show that knowledge (inside of consciousness) actually changes or creates past events…..

    Dual Slit Experiment (100 years ago):
    Quantum Erasure Experiment (recent): (Ooh, a 2 for 1 video)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Well you certainly understand the subject I was challenged to write about, I should have made contact with you @TRUTH(@i-am) before attempting this. Thanks for reading and responding my friend. Thanks for the video, I will certainly watch it.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks buddy, your comments are always inspirational. Appreciate you reading and comments. By the way @cryptosDecryped I need to mention Martin challenged me to write on this subject I asked for one, so I did. 🙂
      Mark (Zeus69)