In today’s times for TV or magazines we see more and more people with leafting or “Barbie human” treatments! Man today no longer accepts to see himself old in the mirror and more and more he resorts to the Bisturi! Well, now try to imagine if I told you that scientific research is making great strides in this field!

A combination of molecules already approved for humans, but never used in synergy, has obtained the greatest extension of life span ever observed in an animal model.

A cocktail of three different anti-aging drugs, already known but never used in combination, has almost doubled the life span in a well-known biological model. The nematode worms (Caenorhabditis elegans) treated with the mix not only obtained the highest drug-induced longevity record ever observed in the animal world, but also saw the extension of the period in which they remained healthy and without any side effects.

Nematode worms are often used in aging studies because they have a well known and sequenced genome, they are easily observable under the microscope and live for 2-3 weeks – a sufficiently short time to evaluate the effects of drugs or genetic alterations.

The purpose of the scientists seems to be to understand if the combination of anti-aging drugs already known to extend the duration in simple animal models already used on humans in the clinical field (for example, to limit rejection to transplanted organs) could have better results compared to therapy with “single” drugs. With the long-term goal of one day transferring this knowledge to humans, only molecules already used in patients or whose safety had already been tested on mammals were used.



. Various combinations of five drugs were tried, but the most effective was that of an antibiotic called rifampicin, an immunosuppressive agent, rapamycin, and a compound used in cosmetics, allantoin. Treated worms have doubled their life span with good health continuity and no noticeable side effect. Similar results have been observed in another distant animal model: fruit flies.



The hope at this point is that the effects are universal and can also be extended to humans. One of the major challenges posed by the aging of the population, in fact, is not only to prolong the duration of life, but to extend the duration of the years lived in good health. In any case, for the time being, it is mainly a theoretical research: the point was not to find specific pharmacological targets, but to show that an attack on aging on several fronts simultaneously can maximize results.

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