🎯 At LUKRUM, we’re constantly working to put the best cryptocurrency tracker into your hands, and our ✅LUKRUM V1.0.17 continues our commitment. We’ve brought in more of the coin tracking power you need by adding muscle to our already insightful analytics suite , and made it easier to share your digital assets experience with others. We’ve also taken care of a few bugs that will help speed up your crypto and blockchain assets investing sessions.

📊 Analyzing each coin in each wallet just got easer as we’ve increased the level of detail, so you can examine the performance of your digital assets with finer granularity. Timeframe filters now fine-tune your coin tracking, and you can see how changes in your cryptocurrency portfolio were affected by events and changes to your assets investing strategy. We’ve also updated analytics by tweaking the Alpha graph so our cryptocurrency tracker now makes it even easier to see how your digital assets compare to the market as a whole.

📲 On the User Experience side, we’ve added useful conveniences such as a calendar and the ability to set up a default currency, but there’s bigger changes making the handling of a digital asset portfolio more supple. Assets investing into crypto and blockchain is quite active, and coin holdings are moving in and out of wallets all the time. To that end, we added the ability to add and edit crypto and blockchain portfolios.

♻️ A good cryptocurrency tracker should let you share information so you can share your digital assets investing experience with others. App already let you share portfolios, and now you can share screenshots with actual performance figures regarding your blockchain and coin holdings.

So what’s next for LUKRUM and coin tracking? We’ll keep that under our hats for the moment, but our goal to be the best cryptocurrency tracker won’t let us rest for long. Digital assets investing is constantly evolving, and we will add more capacity for handling blockchain and cryptocurrency digital assets to meet the changes. Application is currently available for iPhones on TestFlight, and will be available shortly on Google Play.

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We’d glad to hear from you any feedback or comments which improve the app & make your life easy. So feel free to get in touch via any of the channels below, which includes Telegram, Twitter & Facebook.

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