This review is designed to get an easy understanding of what Infiniverse is if you want a full in-depth look i suggest reading the white paper. This is the EOS project i was on about in my Decentraland review at the time of writing i couldn’t remember the name :S. You can check out my Decentraland review HERE 

What is Infiniverse

An AR game (Augmented reality) which is like Pokemon Go where you interact with the world around you. You can buy land on top of real world places. Players will be able to create and buy digital object to place on the land and also premium content will be available. You will also be able to rent and sell both land and object. Very much like Decentraland. Check out the video explaining it all HERE 

Token supply

Unknown. I believe they are having an airdrop to EOS holders not sure where i heard this but i did at some point.


Ill give a simple break down here . All transactions and ownership will be on the EOS blockchain with the visuals running on Android and IOS running though IPFS. Here is a video explaining IPFS

Token Economics

Infiniverse have a plan to stabilize the token value, they have said that a highly volatile token price is bad for the game as a whole which it true. The idea is to find a balance between the inflation rate, fees and land value. They will have the ability to add and burnt tokens at a stable rate all done though a smart contract. I hope this works it could be a real game changer for the whole crypto eco system. Here is the formula they will use


Data usage, they will offer low and high res world so people in countries like Australia who get ripped off with extremely high mobile data fees can still use the dapp ( i pay $50 a month for 6GB of data no phone included) .

GPS spoofing, easy to do i have done it before with Tinder haha, you can download apps to trick your GPS but its alot harder to trick cellular and wifi locations they will use this to cross check.


The game looks cool and hopefully they will have an airdrop and people can get some free land. I like the idea of AR better then VR as you can play any time and anywhere. Will be interesting if they can make the token stable im looking forward to playing this.


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