Among the various categories to select when you have to post a blog on trybe scrolling I always saw the word Infographics … today I decided to read some information about the infographic because the knowledge in this field was a bit scarce and I must admit that it is very Interesting!

What is the infographic?

An infographic is a simple and effective form of communication, a new way of seeing the world of data, communicating complex ideas in a direct and immediate way. The term identifies any graphics that display and explain information, whether it be data or words.

“Technically” an infographic is a graphic that contains information. Infographics are used to convey data and concepts in a faster and more intuitive way than a text (humans use them since prehistoric times).

But what has determined the great success of this new form of communication? The reason is simple: when you want to transmit information, especially in the case of complex elements, with diagrams and diagrams, the primary objective is to obtain a clear but at the same time engaging text, and in this the infographic is ideal .

The elements that make up an infographic:

complex information absolutely simplified

words integrated with graphic structures

an interesting “storyboard” in all its parts

An infographic has only one intent. It could be to clarify a complex set of data, to explain a process, to highlight a trend, or to support a specific topic. Finding a coherent “story” is the first obstacle.

Create a infographic

The questions you must bring are: can I tell this story with the information I have available? Is the topic interesting? Is this a compelling topic?

The first step is to find the main element. Once found, the hierarchical structure must be designed to create a “moodboard” of key points.

There are two types of visual approaches that determine the style of an infographic. The first is for those who prefer to use raw data through tables and graphs.

The second approach involves the use of metaphors or illustrations. Here, the data is masked, delivered to the public through a visual story.

In fact, most of the time a hybrid is created: tables and graphs, surrounded by several illustrative elements, create a visual composition that mixes with the data.

there are many programs to create an infographic some very simple like Visual, Easel or infogr ..

I must admit that the infographic can be very helpful to inform in detail through the image with data and values!

Image download from pixabay

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