Something goes “in” and “forms” you.

Power is your ability to control things around you based on the accumulation of relevant information at your disposal. Everytime you open your mouth, people want to listen and do as told by you because they trust your judgment on that particular subject.

You can be enemies with people, based on our individual differences but it’s a big mistake to be enemies with the information they carry.

Why do we go to school?

Our journey through school is pegged on the believe system that the teacher knows better than a student, and so, enrolment is necessary for transference of knowledge.

Every time you hear someone say something, they are giving out information in one way or the other, you decide is the information is vital or irrelevant.

Success or failure in life comes as a result of an informed perception about life.

Everybody wants to make money, everyone wants to make impact. Every body wants a g-wagon, everyone wants a Dubai holiday trip especially when you have all it takes to pay the bills.

Hey, wealth is not as far as we assume. With the right information, you can get all you desire in just a moment. All you need is someone who knows what you don’t know about that particular thing you want to achieve.

Many of us carry too many irrelevant information and that is the basic reason why it looks like we still have struggles in some specific areas of our lives.

Information is not overrated and having the right information gives you an edge in life.

However, we miss out on some level of good information because there is varied curiosity level in listening per time to details given to us in the information channel.

No information is irrelevant, only that the application is varied and might be unconventional sometimes.

People with information are people with power.

Imagine if someone posts here on how to earn 50000SP in two (2) minutes, there is the tendency that you can almost wash that person’s feet to get the info.

Never stay in the dark, when you can get information to give light.

Information is power.

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