Dr. Justin Schmidt is an entomologist, that is, dealing with the scientific study of insects. So far, nothing unusual, but what emphasizes Schimdt is his creation called the “Index of Painful Pain”, based on which he formed a top of the most painful bites and insect bites, especially the Himenoptera wasps, bees and ants. Professor at the Southwestern Biological Institute in Arizona, USA, Justin Schmidt says, that he has been stung by thousands of times about 150 species of insects, generally accidentally, but that often he was deliberately left aggressed by them. ‘Perhaps some are entitled to believe me eccentric, but ‘I like what they do’, he defends.

It is certain that the pain index made by the zoologist in Arizona was published in 1983, and was periodically updated. But this is not a purely subjective ranking, the doctor also explaining the chemistry behind the suffering caused by the small, but ruthless aggressors. Justin Schmidt divided the index into four levels of intensity. The zero level means that the insect can not even penetrate the human skin, so the effect of its aggression is non-existent. But the fourth level is the most intense, far exceeding the limit. According him, the level of the sweat sink, called so because it is attracted to the salt of human sweat, falls at level one. The pain caused is short-lived and resembles the one caused by a spark that burns a hair on the forearm. Climbing up to level three, we find the red farmer ants, whose sting reminds Schmidt of a milling cutter that digs a raised nail in the flesh. The lingering sensation can take up to eight hours. Also at level 3 is the paper wasp, whose sting is felt by the man between 5 and 15 minutes and is caustic. ” It’s like pouring hydrochloric acid over a cut caused by a sheet of paper, ” explains the entomologist. Going to the maximum level of pain, the fourth, we go over the tarantula hawk. Although it only takes three minutes, the pain is dazzling, ferocious and electric. The sensation is that a hair dryer plugged into the water-filled tub where you enjoyed an aromatic bath, explains Justin Schmidt.



However, the top prize of this creeping top is the bullet-ant, the Clavata Paraponera, found in the tropical forests of Nicaragua and Honduras, with a 4+ intensity level of pain. The suffering caused by this insect is compared to that resulting from the shot, hence the name. The torment caused by the venom of this ants lasts between 12 and 24 hours and is compared by Justin Schmidt with the pain caused by running on coals with a six centimeter nail in the sole.

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