Insights Network Beta has now gone LIVE! Not only that, the INSTAR Blockchain has come to life along with a lushly laid out Block Explorer. Adding even more excitement to Insights announcements, they have launched the INSTAR Wallet, Android 2.0 and the Requester Dashboard! Such a great deliverance from Insights with their progress. But wait there is more! Insights have launched a massive referral campaign with 2.25 Million tokens up for grabs and a grand prize holiday to Sri Panwa, in Phuket Thailand! The Biggest EOS Community giveaway to date! – Richie M, Block Aid

Referral & Competition Time – Massive Gains & A Holiday to Thailand

This is the largest competition & giveaway that the EOS Community has known to date, be a part of it!

Imagine sitting on a beach with your laptop, logged into INSTAR wallets completing surveys whilst sipping on your favourite beverage. Getting tanned and hearing the smallest of ocean waves lap up to the beach and with a gentle breeze flowing through, reminding you that it’s not a dream!

INSTAR is giving away 2.25 Million in TOKENS and a Super Soaked Fun in the Sun Holiday!

Each referral must meet KYC standards and the referred party must complete 3 survey’s to be of benefit to the referrer. INSTAR have a monumental competition in the works! Each referral will grant users 25 INSTAR each.

 The Top 50 Referrals each receive 25k INSTAR Tokens

3rd place will receive 200k INSTAR Tokens

2nd place will receive 300K INSTAR Tokens

1st place will receive 500k INSTAR Tokens along with a trip to Sri Panwa in Phuket, Thailand!

Go ahead become a part of monetization for users! What are you waiting for!

INSTAR- The Privacy & Data Rewarding Experts

Insights Network is the team who is responsible for the INSTAR blockchain. The idea behind INSTAR is simple. Insights have seen people been taken advantage of in relation to privacy and data issues. Only the middlemen and corporation’s benefit from users data and privacy. They create a profit from users data by selling to the highest bidder, and the users often enough don’t know what has happened. Facebook & Cambridge Data Scandal ring a bell for one example?

New Milestones

INSTAR Blockchain hosts the INSTAR Token. The INSTAR token is used to reward or incentivize users on the blockchain. When having a token, you need a blockchain explorer and again Insights have delivered. Users can view transactions, search accounts and check out block producers on the network. This has been one of Insights greatest achievements and helps propel the launch of the INSTAR Wallet.

INSTAR is developed using the EOS Open Source Software. INSTAR requires scalability to handle millions of users which has required some tweaking & modifications to suit the specific needs of the INSTAR blockchain. INSTAR can now endeavour on towards full decentralization and token migration.

INSTAR Web Wallet

Web Wallet for INSTAR has gone Live! The wallet is the first dapp running on INSTARS blockchain enabling users to monetize personal information and the completion of surveys. Over time Insights Network will be releasing new & updated revenue programs. This places Insights Network at the forefront of monetized rewarded data exchange, identity and market research within the realms of blockchain technology. Insights will become a pioneer & industry leader in this sector.

Android INSTAR Wallet 2.0 

The Android Wallet 2.0 has just been released on the Google Play Store. It has a new layout accompanied with a stunning UI. Be one of the first to download as INSTAR has a surprise in store. There will be a new exciting feature to be implemented in 2019 Q1 make sure you’re ahead of the game, download it now!

Requester Dashboard

It’s not just companies who can create & initiate surveys. The Requester Dashboard allows users or virtually anyone to create polls & surveys which will get answered by the INSTAR Community. KYC /AML is initiated so that high-quality data or results are properly attained for more true reflective results.

Why is INSTAR doing this?

Insights Network mission is to create a trustless decentralized market research network aimed at the online community. What this means is that Insights are creating a secure infrastructure for decentralized data exchange. It allows individuals and organizations to exchange data in a secure, trustworthy environment which is compliant and mutually beneficial for both parties. Getting rewarded for your data & participation in surveys in short.

When is this happening?

The Blockchain has been activated, wallets are online and open, block explorer up & running. There will be new additions over December and into Q1 2019, a great stance for a successful progressive project. INSTAR always updates with anything that the community needs to know.

Where can I buy INSTAR? Where can I get my wallet?

If you’re wanting to purchase INSTAR tokens, you can find them at Bibox or alternatively you can swap for them at Bancor. INSTAR Tokens are currently ERC20 tokens that eventually will become its own native token after migration. Bibox will support the Token migration which will happen at the end of December. More details of the migration will emerge over time.

Users can head over to the Google Play Store and download INSTARS Wallet which 2.0. Alternatively, users can visit InstarWallet and sign up for the desktop.

How to start

The use of INSTAR will require users to complete KYC before progressing. KYC allows for a higher quality result for surveys and polls. All surveys are after beneficial and legitimate information. It’s easy to set up a users KYC. A passport or license is essential and a picture of the users face is needed for comparison.

Richie’s Reflection – Block Aid

This is far from a review or as such but a project I have followed closely for a while now, it’s my personal opinion. Reflecting on how INSTAR has progressed from an ICO to an initial project demonstrates the team’s ability and determination to deliver their dream. Many signs have been clear, from when they opened their Telegram Channel it was the fastest growing Telegram channel for one particular day. Privacy & Data all affect us, either as individuals or as groups. The blockchain movement is growing with anticipation and speed and I must state the same for INSTAR. Insights Network has always delivered news & updates to the correct level.

Seriously ask yourself this question, would you like to be rewarded with a currency for answering surveys and participating in larger scaled developments over time? There is no more middleman in this equation. These are early days were witnessing and were having a role to play in it’s development. Facebook & Google who extract information to a large scale have been around for years. INSTAR is only getting started, in it’s infancy as we say. A great project on a great blockchain delivering & offering rewards to the people!

If you would like to sign up for INSTAR feel free to click on the link below.

Useful Links

Join me in building the world’s largest user owned and secure consumer database. This is only the beginning for Instar. Stay tuned for more updates.

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    1. Richie M Post author

      As INSTAR was initially a ICO based on Ethereum and then transitioned to EOS, incentive is provided by free account creation for users. I believe the air drop scenario maybe prevented due to whales within the EOS ecosystem. This way with KYC and a chance to still purchase INSTAR tokens, proper users are aligned for use, not just accounts. May have been a way to alleviate the chances of whales being given INSTAR tokens.