Never heard of Instar, so what does it do?

Instar is a new digital currency created by Insights Network. Its goal is to enable mutually beneficial data exchange between individuals and organisations using advanced technology within Insights Network. Through the platform, businesses and organisations can purchase advanced data sets by using instar to perform targeted research and other functions without the use of data brokers, third parties or middle man. Individual users own and control their data information. They can send and share their data and get rewarded with Instar.

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What Does Instar bring to the table?

Insights Network is a blockchain based data exchange network with a mission to build blockchain infrastructure that secures data on the Internet and empowers every internet user to own the data they create. Insights Network is automating the data brokerage industry via blockchain technology and smart contracts. Users securely own, manage, and monetise their data with the Insights Wallet.

Instar Blockchain uses EOS open source software to ensure high speed, free transactions across the network. Instar blocks producers are dedicated Insights Network INSTAR token holders who believe in the mission to secure our data on the Internet and retain ownership of our data.

Besides offering high speed, low cost, and trustworthy transactions INSTAR offers additional benefits to Requester’s and Providers using the Insights Network.

Trusted User Base — All data is submitted by KYC Verified participants who have submitted their data honestly. This ensures that the quality of data and our network improves over time.

Free Account Creation — Instar offers free account creation. Currently, account creation can cost $5–10 or more per account on the EOS network.

Secure Multiparty Computation — Secure Multiparty Computation allows a number of parties to jointly perform computations on private inputs without releasing information other than that which has been agreed upon.

Increased Token Utility — Insights Network users will be able to vote on key issues to help fulfil our core mission, produce blocks, and receive additional benefits and rewards.

On Chain Reputation — User interactions offer rating options after each interaction that commit values to the blockchain and assign scores.

2018 Progress

The Instar development team is moving quickly through their 2018 road map. Let’s just look at what Instar has accomplished so far in this year!

March 29 — Instar Wallet V1 is Released

INSTAR wallet V1 released in partnership with Open Garden, Signals Network, and Layer Protocol for the first official exchanges of data on the net

May 2nd — Requester Dashboard

Insights Network Requester Dashboard and first surveys on the network go live. Insights Network Requester Dashboard and first surveys on the network go live.

May 9th – Bibox Listing Community Voted

Insights Network community wins the first ever Bibox Listing Community Vote.

May 30th – Blockshow Berlin

Insights Network participates at Blockshow Berlin with a kiosk

June 8th – Piloting Requester Dashboard

Six new companies including WAX, Everipedia, Swytch, Rivetz and Sustany, and First Orion, begin piloting the Insights Network Requester Dashboard.

June 9th – EOS Global Hackathon

EOS Global Hackathon and Insights Network Community Meetup in Hong Kong.

2018 Progression into 2019

Team Instar is on a march forward and ready to merge onto EOS! Look at the beautiful layout & upcoming Mobile interface that users can earn INSTAR tokens with.

INSTAR Roadmap for 2018 4th Quarter

The 2018 Q4 Instar Road map has true promise, and not much time left, let’s go through it. 2019 is around the corner & it’s definitely going to be a big year for Instar and the EOS community.


Phase 1 of the Distribution will be Token Migration & Free Account Creation

Phase 2 of the Distribution will have the Transfer-ability of Instar tokens


Phase 1 of Technology will Launch the INSTAR Wallet 1.0 and Android 2.0

Phase 2 Launch of INSTAR Blockchain — Genesis Nodes

Phase 2 INSTAR Blockchain Explorer — Powered by Insights Network

Phase 3 Requester Dashboard with Insights KYC Marketplace (Polls, Surveys, Insights Alerts, Micro Tasks, Crowd Sale Registration and More)

Phase 3 Price Watch and Data Pools

Phase 3 Ongoing Testing and Optimisation

Phase 3 Block Producer Network — Decentralisation Powered by Insights Network Community


Phase 1 Release New Website

Phase 2 Bounty Program Bounties

Phase 2 Referral Campaign

Phase 3 Instar Cold Storage Wallet Integration

Phase 3 Insights Research & Learning Lab

Phase 3 Release of 2019 Roadmap


Looking back on when Instar had initially announced being available on Bibox, this seemed perfect! My thoughts on privacy & data are stubborn. Looking back on constant leaks and companies selling our data at premium prices is disgusting. Not being rewarded for it or not being told that our data has been sold off is stealing. I instantly thought “My privacy & data can generate rewards for me, whilst also being secure! This is great!”.

Useful Links

Join me in building the world’s largest user owned and secure consumer database. This is only the beginning for Instar. Stay tuned for more updates. EOS is the best for functionality and deliverance in such as goal.

Understanding Instar

Official Website


Instar Visual Guide

Verified Ecosystem

Insights Research and Learning Lab

Keeping up with Instar

Official Blog



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