How do you access your crypto currencies?

Some may use a ledger, some may have their coins and tokens stored on stock exchanges or offline. But in addition to these options, there are also a number of desktop and mobile wallets that simplify the transactions of crypto currencies and more. For Steem, for example, I use the Vessel Wallet.

But today we are talking about another wallet – O3 from O3 Labs.

O3 for Desktop is the next step in creating a truly cross platform ecosystem, for everyday users, to interact with the blockchain in a safe and user friendly way.

A wallet I happened to run into when I was forced to perform an Ontology Token Swap. As it turns out, the wallet supports the following currencies:

– NEO incl. Nep-5 token
– Ontology


I do not know anything else. Also I don’t have any information about how this will change in the future. For now it is enough for me to manage my NEO and Nep-5 tokens, as well as the new ONT.

It is also possible to claim GAS and ONG (Gas from Ontology) without unnecessary effort.

The desktop interface


Optically I find this interface very appealing. In the meantime I have some problems with the display of the Wallet Balance graph, but everything else works fine.

You can download the latest version from the official homepage.

What is supported?

Currently O3 supports over 45 Nep-5 tokens, as well as ONT and NEO. The listings of the tokens are done individually. In addition the following statement from the homepage:

We love supporting open source projects and NEP-5 tokens in our application. However, listing tokens comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, that we cannot effectively test contracts (tokens) that we have no control over.

Developers and teams are asked to contact us if they wish to be listed. -> [email protected]


To list your nep-5 token contact:

[email protected]

Especially in combination with the use of a decentralized exchange such a visual interface is not wrong in my eyes. For trading NEO and Nep-5 tokens I currently use Switcheo.

The DEX is comparable with Etherdelta for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, but I prefer the intuitive handling. Be that as it may, with O3 you can follow the execution of the smart contracts for the trades relatively well.

O3 and Switcheo are very well compatible. Even though both projects are currently mainly focused on the NEO blockchain, further cooperations and expansions are planned.

Official instructions from O3 Labs:

Create new wallet

Add existing wallet

Import Ledger wallet

Import from O3 mobile

Import from Neon wallet

Import from Aphelion wallet

So if you are looking for a good NEO/Ontology Wallet, you should try O3 sometime.



On the following official website you will find all information, contact information and the latest versions of the O3 Wallet for download.

[Click] [Click]

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