This project is at a very early stage, but they have an interesting proof of concept forum running on EOS blockchain. The authors describe it as:

“an experimental Reddit-style forum built on EOS by the Novusphere Community.”

To use the forum you should have an EOS account and Scatter installed – no registration is necessary, you just log in with EOS account, and anything you post ends in the blockchain database. Your account has to have some resources to interact, but posting does not consume any significant amount of RAM, CPU or NET. No EOS is spent in the process.

Sample post looks like this on EOS chain:

There are also native tokens called ATMOS, actually listed, so have some monetary value:

and one can earn them from votes and tips from other users of the platform.

What is important, the forum is censorship resistant, and as far as I know, there is no option to down-vote somebody to oblivion (like on Steemit for example). You can either up-vote a post or just ignore it, but (for now at least) there is no option for somebody with a thicker wallet to hide your content, harm your reputation or affect earnings. Quite egalitarian…

The interface is very simple (which is a big plus) and there is also an option to post anonymously but I have yet to try it. Apparently it allows publishing without EOS account and Scatter. When you decide to use  this option a pair of keys will be generated on the spot and those keys (which are anonymous) may be used for posting

This app has got a real potential, so I will watch closely any future developments 🙂

Check my own blog for other texts – rather distant from crypto though…

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