Our good friends at Parsl are having a RewardDrop on October 29th.  Hold your tokens, buy more tokens, get rewarded for your loyalty. Here at Trybe we love this project and think it’s a neat and innovative way of airdropping.  Don’t forget that if you have under 100 EOS you must airgrab (details coming soon).

See our friends at Parsl telegram here

Get to know the Parsl project on their website here

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  1. Infosion

    This way of getting the coins to people seems to make a lot more sense. Good idea and happy to see that especially at their project! By that PARSL will at least attract way more attention to the coin than other comparing projects

  2. James Diegel

    Thanks a lot for the info – and the project looks great!! I like how the incentive is there to hold the coins of a project that you believe in… speculation and dumping coins is one thing I wont miss in the crypto space… it makes it really hard to support a chain you believe in when prices are falling due to people selling their airdrops so I like the way this new incentive is going…

    I do have one question though (even though I think I know the answer)… I just want to clarify (for my own piece of mind), when the snapshot is taken the EOS in my account that I have delegated to others is still counted in my balance?!? I wouldn’t want to miss this on a technicality – i.e. I have 100 eos but because of my delegations of stake to my secondary account (as a safety) I technically only have 90 available…

    I’m almost certain that I possess all the tokens I have regardless of where they are delegated – within the account and to another as well – but confirmation that I actually do understand what is going on is always nice 😉