Hi Trybe – i’m a Magpie, who loves decentralization and immutability.

Best to get something out of the way first – i’m not the biggest fan of EOS, but i’m still intrigued by what it can offer if executed correctly. It’s not nearly as revolutionary as Dan Larimer & Brock Pierce & EOS shills (y’all know who u are!) reckon it is, but it’s still cool tech, and an interesting experiment in governance. There’s a lot of tribalism in blockchain at the moment, but i’m trying my best to see beyond that and judge each project on its technical fundamentals, use case, team and adoption.

Which brings me to what i’m building. Its a site called Trivial (https://www.trivial.co/) – an ERC20 token catalog and block explorer. I’m on a mission to get people thinking critically about their crypto investments, which involves diving deeper into projects, and exploring way beyond a quick scan of the whitepaper and price activity.

One of the great things about open public blockchains is that there is a ton of onchain data to be explored, with valuable insights into addresses, transactional activity, holders and related tokens possible by pulling all this data from a node and storing in a (massive) database. Trivial.co pulls every token on Ethereum (about 100,000 ERC20 smart contract addresses) and i’m gradually creating token profiles. So far, about 400 crypto projects have profiles, but there’s no way I’d be able to describe them all in one lifetime! A cool feature is that you can track any address you want, and be updated about incomings and outgoings. Try searching for your ETH address and see what can be revealed. 😉

I’m a big fan of Ethereum, having bought my first small amount around $14. It was crazy when it went $1000+, but i’m not here to cash out into fiat just yet. The earliest I’ll considering doing so would be 2020, but i’m much more inclined to hodl. My hands are strong.

I think Ethereum is game-changing tech, and one of the most promising blockchain projects out there, but in future posts i’m gonna focus on analyzing some other smaller projects I think are cool.

I’ve blogged a bit before, on Steemit (@sroka87), and done pretty well out if it, considering i’ve never bought any STEEM. Steemit is also quite revolutionary in in its own way, basically pioneering ‘proof of brain’ rewards on a blockchain. Of course, there are plenty of well documented issues, some of which Trybe is trying to fix, and why i’m excited to be on this platform. I do wonder if Trybe will fully prevent early adopters from becoming dominant in the future, but only time will tell. I like the interesting ideas to prevent this, not least the hard upper limit of influence whales can have.

Aside from blockchain, i’m interested in tech in general, especially AR/VR, AI, IoT. I’ve got a fascination with History. Sometimes I teach English; work in the garden; take photos; ride a bike; mess around.


How about yourself – what did you come here for and what do you do?

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