Everyday money goes into circulation, it changes hands as it is being used to purchase goods and services all over the world. I am pretty sure you reading this have spent fiat or some crypto tokens today. The demand for money is just insatiable, no wonder it needed centralized regulations to keep it in check.

They say time changes yesterday, the era of the traditional finance used fiat currency, credit cards and even mobile payments to effect transactions, thereby leading to liabilities like loans, treasury bonds and even created some insurance policies which did not go down with a lot of people. These activities of the centralized organizations caused a restriction in the circulation of money freely.

The blockchain revolution came with so many advantages, it brought about the crypto finance algorithm where funds could be sent over the internet without any form of restrictions by central bodies. This ought to be the best news for the traditional financial institutions, but sadly,  everyone has not fully embraced the blockchain gospel.

Today, I would be introducing a blockchain company that has been in the background with a mission of breaking the capitalist monopoly of the traditional finance system by allowing its users the luxury of performing smart contracts over a decentralized ledger network with an amazing speed of transaction (2-5 seconds). Wow., I think that’s a selling point !!!.


Stellar Lumens is that platform that aims to connect banks, financial institutions, and people together in order to make the speed of moving money faster, timely and at almost no cost. This platform is designed to support any form of currency and it has a very beautiful inbuilt decentralized exchange that can be used to trade any type of currency or asset.

Taking you down the memory lane, stellar networks’ journey started sometime around August 2014, where a fork of Ripple was created to use the stellar consensus protocol. Unlike Its sister chain, Ripple (XRP) whose protocol was designed strictly for profit making, Stellar Lumens Protocol is not after the profits because they want to reach every type of customer in the nook and cranny of the earth. (meaning even the low class and middle class can make use of stellar Lumens (XLM) to effect transactions. Their native token is called Lumens (XLM).

The world we live in today has become a global village, Cisco( a computer networking company) estimates that by 2020, there would be about 50 billion things (people, objects, animals connected to the internet and with each other.


According to the website, there are very interesting features worthy of note:

  • UNIQUE TRANSACTION/ CONFIRMATION TIME- This is super fast and would help to circulate money faster thus reducing conflicts and transaction disputes.
  • A FREEZE MECHANISM: This is a feature which can be used to freeze tokens mistakenly sent to another user to avoid that particular token being spent in the market.
  • TRANSACTION FEES: The transaction fees is another great seller. It cost almost nothing to send tokens to another user on stellar Lumens. The fee is set to .00001 XLM which is just a fraction of a fraction of the current value of stellar. Guess what? It’s the sender who incurs the expenses.
  • OPEN SOURCE CODES: Stellar went ahead to make its codes available to anybody who wants to access it. Open source is a great attraction for investors. I found some of the source codes for their wallets (eQuid, Stargazer, Lobstr, ) on GitHub Repository. Developers could improve on these codes to produce better hybrids.
  • SCALABILITY: The issue of scalability would not arise because stellar lumens supports thousands of transactions per second.
  • DECENTRALIZED GOVERNANCE MODEL- This model consists of peers that can run independently of each other. This is unlike the centralized model of Ripple (XRP) protocol.
  • MULTI- CURRENCY TRANSACTIONS– Stellar allows you to send any type of currency over its network.
  • It has a 1% fixed annual inflation, unlike Ripple.


Let’s say, Peter, receives a distress call from his father in the hospital in a totally different city, and it’s an emergency which involves life and death. Assuming peter’s Dad is on the stellar lumens network, he can effect that transaction under 5 seconds using stellar. Stellar would automatically convert the BTC to the available currency and the network would even find the best exchange rate for the transaction.


A cursory look at the team would reveal one striking member Jed McCaleb, Who was amongst the founders of Ripple and one of the biggest holders of XRP in the world? They also have a lot of other big shots in the crypto sphere, the likes of Johnny Goodnow, Marta Lokhava, Rafał Malinowski etc. They also have erudite board members like Greg Brockman a graduate of Harvard and MIT who is the former CTO of stripe, Shivani Siroya (CEO of InVenture) etc in addition to the team of advisors.

With a market cap of stellar lumens clocking $2,094,316,424, there are already 19,126,368,143 XLM making the coin to trade at a price of $0.109499 in some notable exchangers. Stellar (XLM) is currently listed as number 6 coin amongst the top 100 on coin market cap as at the time of writing this article.

Partners have already keyed into the stellar lumens protocol, big companies like Deloitte, Mobius and even IBM recently did a cross border payment between NewZealand and Australia using the stellar network. With stellar lumens, You can be your mobile bank, effect micropayments at almost no cost and let the network worry about the ledger.

  • If you want to know more about this project, their website should be your first point of call.
  • If interested in how stellar lumen works and its technical details, you will find useful information in the Whitepaper.
  • If you are not the voracious type of reader, this summary should come in handy for you.
  • And if you want to get into contact with them, feel free to visit their facebook, Reddit or Twitter Handle.
  • They even have a blog to keep you posted of their latest developments

Please note that the above write up is not financial advice of any sort, you are advised to always do your own research about any promising coin before investing in it.

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  1. Nicholas

    I like the stellar project. In cryptoverse, imho are not so much “bluechip”, but the xlm is among them.
    Actually the stellar exchange was, what convinced me 100%, these guys are professionals.

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