Back in early 2014 I purchased my first Bitcoin. I found my way to cryptocurrency through my Anarcho-Capitalist journey. You see I was a true believer in Gold and Silver. I spent a few years blogging about life outside the USA and building a nest egg using precious metals. What I found on my path was frustration. Sure Anabell and I had a successful social media business but there was something missing.

Then one day I decided it was time to buy our first Bitcoin. I saw the opportunity but I was still hesitant. Could something that in my opinion held zero intrinsic value supplant Gold and Silver? I came to realize nothing on earth has intrinsic value. Once I figured this out Bitcoin became the next logical step in my personal development. When we got involved I never thought Bitcoin would make us rich but rather give us financial freedom.

We use Bitcoin for everything. We literally get paid in crypto and live 100% off of crypto. Sure we use a Bitpay debit card for the majority of purchases but in the end our financial life revolves around the cryptocurrency space.

Working with the Best and Brightest in Cryptocurrency.

Over the years we have worked with some of the best projects in crypto. Here is a list of my favorites.

  2. Steemit
  3. Equibit
  4. Halo Platform
  6. ZenCash
  7. AdBank
  8. Arcade City
  9. Flashcoin
  10. Mandala Exchange
  11. Hoard
  12. Cryptobuyer
  13. Bitnational
  14. Tigo CTM
  15. The Dollar Vigilante

Currently we are preparing to launch the Hoard and Cryptobuyer crowdsales. After that we will be on our way to Europe to meet and hang out with some of our favorite people in Crypto. 2018 is a rebuilding year for the cryptocurrency space. As I am a HODLer my USD value has gone down just like many of you but I believe we are on the brink of changing the world with blockchain technology.

Watch My Talk, “Building a Life Around Crypto”, from the PTY Glass Conference this Year.

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  1. magpie

    Hey – whatsup Randy. I’m taking your advice and checking on what’s going on with Trybe. Got a long, long way to go before it catches with Steemit, but interested to see how this develops. As far as I know, this is the first social media built on EOS, so could get some good traction.