Hello everyone! My name is @knowledge-seeker. I am coming from steemit.com after a few friends recommended that I check it out.

To give a brief background on myself, I am into homesteading and precious metals. I like being able to live a self-sufficient lifestyle where I can grow my own fruits, vegetables, and meat because everything tastes better when its homegrown. Since there is no section for homesteading yet, I will mainly be focusing on the precious metals aspect. I have been collecting and buying silver for the last year or so. My reasoning is because I feel that it a good preservation of wealth and an excellent investment opportunity. I like all silver. Poured, generics, bars, or coins. While I do like any silver I can get, I am particularly drawn to constitutional, or junk silver, and foreign coinage (both very old and fairly new). I am currently living in the United States, so I enjoy seeing posts from others that showcase the “foreign to me” currency.

With prices in the $14-$15 range for silver, it is a hard opportunity to pass up. Especially since it was 2.5-3 times that just a few years ago. It holds its value and will not lose against inflation like fiat currency will. My stack my be small right now, but over the next couple of years, I am hoping to grow it by adding little bits every chance I get by setting and reaching my stacking goals. In conjunction with this, I also have hopes to buy my first small amount of gold later this year, hopefully with some cryptocurrency profits, but we will have to wait and see. Haha! Are there any that you would all recommend?

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my introduction post. I look forward to meeting and talking with you!

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